Do Your Words Mean Business?

Allison Nazarian

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Every word that comes from your company - whether it is on a piece of paper, on a computer screen or written across the sky, for that matter - carries with it your reputation and your customers’ (or potential customers’) perception of who you are and what you can do for them.

It should go without saying that these words need to be as compelling as they are convincing, and as clear as they are error-free. Here are a few quick tips on tuning up and perfecting your copy and, ultimately, your message:

Stick to the basics: Remember in grade school when you learned about the who, what, where, when and why of each story? Well, there are actually times when school lessons have real-world applications, and this is one of them. Don’t assume people know what you mean – tell them clearly, succinctly, memorably and respectfully.

Pass the ‘Aunt Ethel’ test: Aunt Ethel is the proverbial simple-and-to-the-point person in your audience. If she doesn’t get what you are doing and selling, chances are that most won’t. Ask yourself if your message is clear and if you are making springing to action easy for your potential customers.

Proof, proof, proof: Once you’ve finished and proofed, leave the file or paper alone for 24 hours. Then, re-read it and ask a trusted co-worker or friend to look it over. You’d be surprised at what you may have missed!

Allison Nazarian is president and chief copywriter of Get It In Writing, a Florida-based company that helps businesses nationwide harness the power of words to sell, inform and publicize. Allison can be reached at 561.487.3917 or . Copyright© Get It In Writing, Inc. May be reprinted without permission of Get It In Writing, Inc and Allison Nazarian if in full, unchanged format and with complete attribution to author.

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Right Choice Of Words For Effective Business Communication
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