4 Useful Tips on Efficient Managing Your Time


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Let’s start with elementary arithmetic. A day comprises only 24 hours: sleeping takes at least 8 hours and there are also work and study hours to be taken into account. And not much time remains for yourself. Many people in our wild and instantly changing age hardly have any minute to spare for their beloved activity. It is not fair. We need to find time for recreation, entertaining and relaxing, we must do it. To live a complete and fulfilling life. You want it, don’t you? Then let’s see how to make the most of these 24 hours. Do you know what you want? Time problems arise when you can’t make the right choice. You often scatter yourself to fulfilling tasks of doubtful necessity. You usually start working on something just because it caught your eye or somebody asked you for a favor. Your indecision and failure to refuse are the reasons why you are not master of your own time. You may utterly change the situation by asking yourself three simple questions before you set yourself to doing something. Is it really very necessary? Do I have to do it right now? May I entrust someone else with this task?

Acting like this you will spare yourself from extra waste of time, energy and strength. The same goes for implementing long – term goals. You are likely to have more than one version of a future, some of which may appear very tempting. But only one can be realized. It does not essentially concern global questions. More frequently you are exhausted and take as a burden even rather trifle problems. Take it easy. The above questions may not appear to be helpful when you decide on a long term goal. How then must we make the right choice and release from the inner tension and alongside set it to the right course? Give freedom to your sub consciousness (it is never wrong) and don’t fall into useless reflection. Consider the following effective method that is also very simple. Before going to bed, formulate the problem you want to solve in a clear and brief manner. Assume a positive attitude. For example, “I will manage to write a win - win marketing essay (http://www.bestessays.com/marketing.php) for the college”. Let this phrase be your last thought for this day. As for routine problems you will find solution in a day or two. A more serious matter will take longer, but you will require less effort than when you are “thinking“ as usual.

A great power of planning. You have determined your goal. But how to find the time for its implementing? - You definitely need a plan. Sit down; take a sheet of paper and a pen or a pencil. Your task is to make up a timetable for next week. Keep in mind the following points when creating the plan: Allocate enough time for sleeping; Mark work and study hours; Reflect all the daily activities you have to do (shopping, getting to college work, cooking, etc); Think of the interests you don’t want to part with /sacrifice in any case and assign two hours for them. Now as you have completed the table, look how much time is left. And these hours you will spend on reaching your goal.

You should stick to the terms of goal implementation. It does not suggest your planning how much you must do during this period. For example your goal is to win an academic grant. Don’t plan that on Wednesday from 19.00 till 22.00 you will be writing your scholarship essay and skim 50 pages of your textbook. This is the shortest way to failure. The more you have planned, the more nervous you will be, more often you will be checking if your progress complies with your forecast. In fact the only thing you have to do is to make yourself start working on the issue at the definite moment. If you have managed to fulfill everything you have planned, praise yourself. This method will also raise your self – esteem.

Share the work among others. Some people can’t refuse doing somebody a favor even if it is to their own detriment. It is not worth doing it. A far better strategy is distributing your work among others. It does not mean that you should overload people with your problems. Be reasonable and don’t hesitate to address a person who is sure to do this work better than you, especially when you are pressed for time. If you have made up your mind to become better – organized, don’t put it off till Monday or till next month. New life begins now. And you are able to start it.

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