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Fred Holt

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There is so much crap text all over the Internet these days and a lot of it is because of article rewrites. Buyers of Internet articles seem to be driven by two things. Firstly it is the price per word of the writing and secondly the emphasis of ‘search engine optimization’ (SEO) over quality of writing.

Most webmasters want to pay the absolute minimum of cents per 100 words for the maximum search engine optimization. Which is just another way of saying; use the keywords as much as possible regardless of how well they fit within the semantic content of the piece of writing. Commissioning the lowest bidder to do article rewrites spawns the use of non-English writers from developing countries and rewriting software that may attract search engines but just befuddle the human reader. Scan through any article directory and you will quickly find three levels of quality in articles.

5 star writing will be the articles that immediately engage your interest, give you new information or a fresh viewpoint on the topic of the article. It will be concise and easy to read and make you want to link up with the writer.

3 star writing will be the better article rewrites. The grammar and the spelling will be acceptable but the content will be predictable, boring and repeated at least once in the body of the article.

1 star article will be nearly unreadable. They are produced by rewriting software and fail to flow logically. Often they are written by non-English speakers who have variable levels of familiarity with the language. There will be little or no valid content amongst the total ‘fluff’.

Unfortunately more and more of the 1 and 3 star articles are infecting the Internet because of buyers’ focus on cost and SEO keyword density.

As a freelance writer I make a living from writing interesting articles for publication on the Internet. I often get asked to do ‘article rewrites’. Buyers always offer a lot less money for the so-called article rewrites because there is a persistent myth among non-writing folk that rewriting of existing text is easier and quicker than writing original stuff. It is true that article rewriting does not require fresh research on the topic to be written about. But isn’t reading and re-reading the original article a form of research?

Article rewrites are always required, by the buyers, to be ‘70% original under Dupecop’ and or capable of passing ‘Copyscape’. Dupecop is a piece of software that compares two buy articles and gives a percentage ‘uniqueness’ score. Given that any article has to contain a large number of definite articles (the, a etc), conjunctions (and, with etc), prepositions (to, from etc) and adverbs then 70% originality is in fact totally original. Only a high skilled writer familiar with the language in all it’s complexity can achieve quality article rewrites.

Copyscape is a proprietary piece of software that checks articles for phrases that are already published anywhere on the Internet. It is in effect a copyright policeman. No writer worth their salt would simply cut and paste from existing text on the Internet. It is both illegal and pointless since it takes more time than writing from scratch.

So if you are a buyer looking for article rewrites be aware that you get what you pay for and providing quality information to your customers really is the only route to more business.

Fred Holt, M. A. (English) from University of New Jersey, specialized in teaching content writing, business, and technical communication. He is skilled in MLA, APA, and Chicago manuals of style. His work included writing, editing and proofreading Seo writing and articles writing services. He has also written many other documents, including resumes, application letters, bibliographies and also buy articles service.


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Advantage Of Online Article Marketing In Making Money Online
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