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The Dangers of Fallacies in an Essay and Dissertation Writing


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To write effective essays, it is not enough that the writers present their ideas clearly; the contents of the essays must also be able to sustain the readers’ attention and interest to make their experience more worthwhile. Clear writing corresponds to clear thinking. If, in any case, they commit certain errors in their writing, their essays will suffer and the readers will less likely take the essay seriously.

Fallacies are errors in reasoning and logical processes that might hinder the overall success of the written essay assignment. They generally occur when the premises writers have given in their conclusions do not have a sustainable degree of support. A formal fallacy is an argument that has a faulty structure or form. Informal fallacies, on the other hand, are errors that are accomplished other than violations of the rules of formal, structural reasoning.

There are a number of fallacies that writers must be careful to avoid, especially if they lead readers to false conclusions.

Hasty generalisation. This is an informal fallacy that is committed when writers assume that what is true from a few cases is true in general. It also occurs when the writers readily claim that what remains true in some certain parts will remain true to the whole. In many cases, the writers state something as though it is true without having any way to prove its validity. To avoid this kind of fallacy, writers must avoid using the words all, no, always, and never—unless they can provide truth for the statement. It is more advisable that students use qualifying words such as some, many, most, often, usually and generally—they imply limitations to the assumptions that were given.

False analogy. If writers describe only superficial similarities between two things that do not hold to be true in all events, the result is a false analogy. If the premises that support the conclusion or assumption are not valid, and therefore superficial, the conclusion will also be false. To prevent this, students must start with providing valid similarities between two concepts to strengthen the correlation they have pegged on the two ideas.

Begging the question. This phenomenon occurs when the writers present the premises of their essay with a conclusion that states they are true. This has the same effect when writers argue in a circle—they assume that a statement is true without offering specific proof or reasons to back them up. The students’ writing will be more effective if their statements include supporting material as evidence.

Fallacy by appeal to popularity. These are claims or assumptions that are only accepted as valid and true because most people are favourably inclined towards these claims by popularity, and not because of actual evidence for the said claim. This can be prevented if writers remember to make statements that are based on facts, and not what most people approve as such because they are famous.

Faulty cause and effect. When writers assume that the latter event is caused by a former event that preceded it, without any proof to support it, they have committed this kind of fallacy. Writers, then, must not create any causes for certain events unless they have clear evidential patterns that prove these claims.


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