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The Process of Writing Songs - Interested in Making a Hit


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Oh well, apparently talent is not sold out as it used to be in the old days. Apparently, talent is not as important as it was in the old ways for making good music. Do not you just miss those days when the music you were listening to had some sort of meaning, and it was not just a series of yelling and scrambling of notes? Probably not since you landed on this article. I am a bit ashamed to tell you but this is the article for those people who think that they can strike it rich by reading a book or an article that tells them how to write a song. Song writing should always come from the heart or from the inner depths of the mind - nowadays, it comes from the inner part of the commercial world. Everything has to be commercial - even you. Ok, so you decided you do not have what it takes to make real music so you settled on making something catchy that will bring you a lot of money and no meaning (something like many artists that are in the top 5 today - Again, can you really remember Pink Floyd?)

Ok, let us proceed. If you are true about this shortcut I need to lay down some unfortunate news - this article is a small guideline, you will have to think of your own ways and research some more (and not only articles), of course, this if you have the brains for it because otherwise you will end up being either one of those boring composers or one of those boring singers and songwriters. The main thing you have to do is to understand how a song is perceived nowadays - and this may take quite a lot of research. Songs have to be hard and fast and soft at the same time nowadays - see how the trends go, see what kind of music people like most and tend to that area. Nowadays electronic music seems to be at its peak therefore if you want to make it even as a lame musician or song writer you should aim for a large audience because the probability of someone listening to your music will be bigger compared to when you will be writing music for a small number of people.

The other thing you can do, and if you are truly out of talent and ideas is to “be inspired" by one of the very popular songs of the older age. For example, I have heard numerous covers, remixes, so-called new songs that sounded something like the Beatles, or Simon and Garfunkel or other similar great artists. Mainly, the other option you have is to steal some of the fame those artists had in their days by adding some of their success to your own recipe. Or you can start facing the fact that you have no talent.

If you need any more tips, you can find further material to help you improve your singing in a relatively short time. When there's a will, there's a way. Here is a review of a good guide


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Writing Process: One Size Does Not Fit All
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