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Freelancing - How Much Money Can You Make Writing?

Angela Booth

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Want to know how much money you can make freelance writing? When you realize that you can make an unlimited income because of the explosion of growth of buyers, you'll know that it's completely up to you.

Unfortunately, many writers are stuck in an 19th century “starving in a garret" mindset. But if you want to make a great income from your writing, you can make more money than you can in any day job.

Start with the knowledge that commercial writers, who write articles, Web content, and who are copywriters, make the most income. If you're currently a hobbyist who's writing short stories, you'll need to discover how “for pay" writing works.

Here are four steps to help you to make from $200 to $400 a day fast.

1. Set an Income Goal

Start by setting an income goal. You can't achieve a goal you haven't set. So work out not just how much money would cover your bills, but also how much money you WANT.

I know many writers who are making $2000 a day; they have six-figure incomes. They started exactly where you are now: with a dream. They made a great income from their writing happen, and usually much faster than they expected.

Set a long term income goal of $1000 or more a day, a year or two from today. Then decide how much money you want to make this time next year, and within three months.

2. Do What Works

If you're an established writer, you know what works for you. Do more of what pays most.

If you're a new writer (or are a selling writer who's not selling much) here's what works: writing Web content, copywriting, writing ebooks and blogging.

3. Be Professional: Get a Retainer

To make a good income, thinking like a pro is essential. This means that once you're selling your writing ( when you have some credits) you must insist on a retainer before you start writing.

Professional writers write a retainer (50 per cent, usually) into their Terms of Service, with final payment to be made on delivery of the content. They also follow up religiously on unpaid invoices.

4. Diversify: Try Copywriting

Copywriters are highly paid because their copy makes sales. Establishing yourself as a copywriter has never been easier, because there's such a huge demand.

For a six-figure income fast, write copy: there are many classes and guides online which will help you to get started fast.

So, the answer to “how much money can you make writing?" is simple: as much as you want want to make - it's all up to you.

Want to make money writing? Discover how easy it is to make money as a Web writer with Angela Booth's “Sell Your Writing Online NOW" Training Program at The program is fun and profitable too. There's a full year of lessons and assignments: “Sell Your Writing Online NOW" helps you to earn while you learn, even as a brand new writer.

For free weekly writing information, subscribe to Angela's Fab Freelance Writing Ezine at and receive “Write And Sell Your Writing: The Power-Write Report" immediately.


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