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Learn to Write Fast - Improve Your Writing and Your Income

Angela Booth

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How fast can you write? in today's world, writing speed makes the difference between an average writing income, and an income beyond your dreams. Discover how to write fast in this article.

Oddly enough, when you learn to write fast, your writing will improve, both in its content and in its style.

The content will improve because you're using both sides of your brain, and the style will improve because you get out of your own way: you stop being self-conscious. This makes your writing smoother and transparent - you stop “writing" and just say what you've got to say.

Here are four tips to help you to write fast.

1. Start With a List of Everything You Know About a Topic

Once you've selected a topic, open your countdown timer (many timer programs exist for both the PC and Mac) and set it for five minutes.

Now write everything you know about the topic. Don't lift your fingers from the keyboard. Write in list form, hitting Return twice at the end of each thought.

2. Write a Rough Draft at Top Speed

With your list open, write a fast draft of your article or chapter. Write as fast as you can, don't stop to correct errors. You can use a timer if you wish. I usually don't, I just get my thoughts onto the computer screen as quickly as possible.

3. Research - Time Yourself

Now it's time to research. Again, time yourself. Depending on the length of your rough draft, ten minutes for research should be ample. At this stage, you're looking for facts which will support any arguments you've made in the article, as well as dates, the proper spelling of the names of people you've mentioned, correct locations, and so on.

4. Write a First Draft

Now you have a rough draft, leave it for a few days if possible. You'll find that you're still “working" on the draft when you're thinking of something else. Make notes: capture fresh insights and ideas you have.

Next, write a first draft. This will be the draft you send to an editor, or a client for his input.

Try this process, it will help you to write fast, and to increase your income too.

Want more information on writing fast and increasing your income? Angela Booth's writing class, “Write More And Make More Money From Your Writing: Develop A Fast, Fun Productive Writing Process" at is based on lessons she developed for her private coaching students to help them to write more, improve their writing, and to make more money writing. The course trains you to become an expert writer.

Her ebook “Top 70 Writing Tips To Help You To Write More" at shows you how to end procrastination for good.


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Writing Fast - How to Write 10 Times Faster, Guaranteed
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