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Stress Relief For Writers - Four Ways to Achieve Your Writing Goals

Angela Booth

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Writing can be stressful. It's especially stressful if you're making money writing, and are writing to deadlines every day. Discover how you can relax so that your writing improves, you write more, and you achieve all your writing goals too.

Here's a big tip. As you look at the four ways to achieve your writing goals below, please don't think of them as “shoulds" and add them to your ever-growing To Do list.

Take one method at a time and work with it for a week or two. Then work with the next.

1. Learn to Relax and Use All of Your Brain

The ability to relax is a a vital writing skill. If you can't relax, you're writing with only half your brain. This is because your intuitive, creative right brain is choked off when you're tense. If you've never learned progressive relaxation, you can get CDs and tapes which will lead you through the process.

Learning to relax with a method like progressive relaxation, or learning meditation skills is vital to achieving your writing.

2. Walk Into a Relaxing Scene

Once you've learned to relax, you can develop your visualization skills. There are many ways you can visualize. One of my favorite methods is one I call “Walk Into a Relaxing Scene". It involves remembering a relaxing scene from my life: strolling along a deserted beach, for example. Your ability to visualize allows you to take a relaxing break at any time. Just close your eyes, and picture any scene you choose, then walk into the scene, so that you're there.

This visualization exercise is a great problem solver. Close your eyes, relax, and when you open your eyes you'll often find that you have a solution. It's a superb method which helps you to both discern the right goals for you, and achieve them too.

3. Make a List, and Let Your Writing Flow

Making lists relieves stress, because you get the material out of your mind, and onto the computer screen, or onto a piece of paper.

Try it now. Make a list of the five most worrying things in your life right now. Just list: financial concerns, job worries, relationship worries. . . You don't have to do anything about them, just write them down. Clearing your mind in this way is a great stress reliever. It lets you focus on your writing.

4. Get Goals - It's Easier Than You Think

Want to achieve your writing goals? It's easy. Just write them down. I often come across old notebooks in which I've listed goals. Without fail, I've managed to achieve every goal on the list. There are good, logical reasons why writing your goals helps you to achieve them, and although this method sounds super-simple, don't be misled. It's powerful.

Enjoy these four ways to relieve stress and achieve your writing goals.

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