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Get Paid to Write Online Make Money Writing For Internet Demand


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Can you really make good money writing for the Internet? Can you actually get paid to write online now?

The answer to both questions is YES! There is great and growing demand for written materials. New writers are starting up and making money writing for the Internet every day.

Most writers, new to the Net, begin by checking offers and bids on one of the many buyer-seller meeting place exchanges like or Others join clubs or membership sites that pre-handle the marketing aspect and just lay out the work for you, like ‘X number of articles on subject Y at $15 each’.

Others do their homework first and then stake out specific writers’ markets in which they want to become involved. They write a few articles in that marketplace and get them published to establish their credibility and demonstrate their abilities, show why they should justifiably get paid for writing online.

Then they lurk about forums that deal with their target market or area of activity, meeting people, learning the subjects of interest and looking for openings. They design a good signature block in which they offer freelance writing services. Then they make forum postings, participate in discussions, “signing" their postings.

They might put up a webpage to merchandise their work and look for clients, like Katie Wickswat did at, for example. Or they might use any number of other “tricks of the trade" to make themselves known and start developing a list of repeat clients, the best way to make money writing online.

Writers prefer to write for someone they know and have experience with; fewer surprises and more certain payment. Buyers prefer to hire someone they know does good work, work that meets the buyer's needs. The needs could be for SEO optimization, articles that will interest web visitors and keep them coming back, or whatever.

While at first it is easier to get paid to write online by using intermediaries to line you up with buyers, to really make money writing for the Internet it's best to develop your own client list. You want to get to be known in certain areas where you make yourself easy to find and contact and to get referrals.

There are tons of money being made in the Internet marketplace for written materials. It's not a new market, but it's growing like crazy! Lots of opportunities to make money writing there.

To participate, all you really need to do is to read some guidebooks written by writers who have been successful in different parts of this marketplace. Get some “roadmaps" so you won't get lost! Learn the strategies that work and the pitfalls to be avoided, before you jump in.

The Net is very different from traditional writers’ markets. You don't need to be an English literature major to participate. The writing is not formal, it's mainstream Americana. Actually, if you can write in clear, simple English, at the 5th to 9th grade level, you can get paid to write online and make money writing.

Like any developed marketplace, there are routes to success and prosperity and other routes to frustration and semi-starvation! Don't try and find the windfalls and the pitfalls by yourself! Use the knowledge of those who have gone before, who can show you how to really get paid to write online and make money writing.

For more info on how to get paid for writing online and how to find good guidebooks for writers who want to make money writing for the Internet, follow the links below.

For more specifics and details about how to make money writing for the Web and how to get paid for writing online, visit: Get Paid for Writing Online
For a number of resources that make it easy for you to make money writing, visit: Make Money Writing Online
Jorge Chavez is an experienced writer, Internet marketer and author who both buys and sells written materials for the Internet.


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