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Writing Jobs - Set Goals and Get Hired Today

Angela Booth

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Do you have all the writing jobs you can handle? Top professional writers are always snowed under with offers; they can pick and choose what they want to write and for whom, because people come to them.

Here's the difference between you and a pro - a pro sets goals for everything he does.

If you're not writing, but are spending all your time hunting for great writing jobs, then start setting goals. It will make you much more effective, I guarantee. And it will increase your income too.

1. Your First Goal - Sell Something Today

Nothing happens until you sell something. So set a goal right now, to sell something every week. What will you sell? Who cares? Sell an article to a magazine or to a Web site.

It doesn't matter WHAT you sell - just sell. Selling your writing is a habit, and once you get the habit, you can increase your sales at will, just by doing what works. Consistent sales give you experience, and confidence.

Set your first goal to sell something each week. Then set a goal to sell something every day.

2. Your Second Goal - Ace a Market You LOVE

Want to sell to any market you choose? Here's how.

People (editors and other buyers of your writing) buy from people they know. This means that the first time someone hears your name, they will not buy from you. Think about it. Why should they? They don't know you.

Here's a secret to selling to any market you wish: you can do it, if you never stop trying.

Bearing in mind that people have to get to know you, keep sending ideas and queries to markets which ignore you. All my magazine sales happened when I just fell in love with a particular magazine. I'd wait for each issue, read it cover to cover, and would patiently submit ideas.

Soon the editor called - because he got to know me. He knew how I wrote, what my favorite topics were, and when he had a project which needed my talents he called.

Editors are people. They have to get to know you. So make a long term commitment to a publication you love, and start building the relationship. The contacts you build will keep you in work forever - once you get known, people pass your name around.

3. Your Third Goal - Commit to Getting Known As a Writer

I can't emphasize this strongly enough: people have to get to know you! (As I've said many times in this article, so please remember it, it will make all the difference to your career. ) Your name is the most vital asset you have. Once you get known as a writer, people will track you down because they want to work with YOU.

There are many ways to get known. Nowadays, it all starts with your Web site. Get your own domain (Internet address) and get your site into Google. When people search Google for you, they must be able to find you.

Getting known as a writer is a long term project. It never ends. And it ensures that every day, your email Inbox is stuffed with people offering you projects.

Professional writers don't hunt for writing jobs - the jobs come to them.

It all starts with the goals you set; so set the three goals today.

How do you find writing jobs? If you're scouring the online writing boards, you're not selling your writing services effectively. Discover the secrets of selling your writing services today, with Angela Booth's new video series -


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