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Creative Writing Exercises - 5 Top Ways That Writing Exercises Help You Become A Better Writer

Dan Goodwin

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If you're keen to find ways to become a better writer and unlock more of the writing talent within you, then creative writing exercises are a great tool to use. Here are 5 of the ways they're most effective:

1. You stimulate endless new ideas. As soon as you start using writing exercises you'll trigger off all kinds of ideas in your mind. Some you can follow right away as you write, but many others will shoot off at tangents and not fit. Keep a notebook close by though and capture all these great ideas to use at a future date. The more exercises you try, the more ideas you'll trigger off on your own.

2. You warm up your creativity naturally. Imagine a top athlete turning up to a major athletics event 2 minutes before their big race, without any warm up or preparation. They'll not perform anywhere near their best because they haven't warmed up their muscles, that's why they have a warm up routine beforehand. Creative writing exercises give you a similar way to warm up your creative muscles and ease yourself naturally in your full creative flow, more easily and more often.

3. You discover talents you didn't know you had. How many different ways do you write? Most of us find a specific way or style of writing that we feel we can produce work in that we're proud of, then stick with it. But how many other writing talents do you have that you don't know about? By trying a variety of creative writing exercises you can discover that the style you thought was your best, is actually only one of 3 or 4 or more distinct ways you can produce great and rewarding writing.

4. You learn to create your own writing exercises. The more you use a variety of exercises, the more your creativity gets used to thinking in new ways. Before long, you'll find you're coming up with your own variations on exercises you've tried, as well as completely new ones. Write these down and collect them as you go, and you'll expand your writer's toolkit no end, meaning you'll never be short of an idea again.

5. You give your creativity the green light. When you write in only one way, your creativity feels suppressed and as if it will be told off if it even dares to deviate from your familiar writing pattern. Use a variety of writing exercises though and subconsciously you're giving your creativity the green light to go and be as creative as it can be. You're saying: “it's OK to play, to experiment, to try new stuff, so show me what you can do!". And your creativity will rise to challenge every time.

These are just 5 of the many ways using creative writing exercises can help you become a better writer.

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From Creativity Coach Dan Goodwin


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