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Bonnie Jo Davis

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By now most entrepreneurs realize that the most cost effective method of promoting their business and services is writing and distributing articles to e-zines, newsletters, magazines and web sites.

Many people have no idea how to get started with writing an article for an e-zine, newsletter or web site. They plan on writing articles and generate lots of enthusiasm for the technique but get stumped at the starting line.

Get stumped no more.

Jimmy D. Brown has created a nifty piece of software called Ezine Article Creator V2.0. This PC compatible only software opens easily on your computer and includes separate manual that instructs you in the use of the software.

When opening the software you'll see a screen that looks very much like a very long page on the web. You'll see a series of comments and questions followed by empty white boxes. The comments and questions are broken into exercises and steps. These exercises and steps educate you on the various types of articles and then take you step-by-step through creating an article.

Using the information and suggestions provided you'll move from white box to white box typing in sections of your article one at a time.

Once you have finished entering text into all the applicable boxes you will assisted in writing a closing and a resource box. Best of all, when you are finished you will click a button to create your article and it will appear in one box formatted at 55 characters per line. Other buttons allow you to make changes, copy your article to a word processing program or start another article.

Ezine Article Creator V2.0 will not write your article for you. You will still have to decide on a topic and do your own research but once you have that information together Ezine Article Creator V2.0 will help you organize and present it in a logical, easy to read sequence.

Beginners and experts alike will benefit from using Ezine Article V2.0. It helps both new writers and experts get started, be more organized and save time.

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