Why Internet Marketing Free Articles Traffic Can Earn You More Sales Than Pay-Per-Click Leads


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To be successful at any affiliate marketing program, you not only need traffic but you also require a certain type of traffic. In fact this rule also applies to any online marketing you can think of.

Recently some across an amazing audio interview where one man says he abandoned pay-per-click ads for free articles online marketing because he found the latter more effective in his case. You will find the audio interview here;


Personally I have been earning a living online for a while now and I have never seen any need to purchase pay-per-click ads (at least not yet). Free articles have done everything for me. Recently I’ve also started combining the free articles with other free online tools and the results have been very good.

While I have seen successful affiliate marketing and online marketing done using traffic generation sites and viral marketing sites (see my other articles), one generally requires very high numbers of this type of traffic to be successful. But with articles, you only require very little traffic to be hugely successful. I’ve run blogs with google adsence ads posted (one of the most popular affiliate marketing programs on the web currently) and have quickly noted that just a tiny amount of traffic from articles has had a major impact on the number of clicks that happened at my blog. I also get clicks from traffic generation sites but I usually require more than 10 times the traffic I get from articles to get the same results I get from articles. That is a tested and verified figure from my blog.

The reason may not be too difficult to guess. Traffic that you get from the search engines and pay-per-click ads will be the sort of traffic that is not entirely sure of the content they will find at your site. Remember that these folks are usually lured in using catchy headlines which may not always be very clear in meaning. In sharp contrast, a visitor to your affiliate marketing site or blog who has read one of your articles will have already sampled much more than just a catchy headline and will therefore not only be sure but will also tend to be extremely interested in what you have to say and is therefore more likely to visit many more pages within your blog, site or affiliate site. The longer a visitor stays, the better the results you get and the more valuable that traffic ends up being to you.

The longer they stay, the more likely it is that they will click on one of your google ads, thus earning you income. The longer they stay the higher the chances also, that they will end up buying something or joining the affiliate program or purchase the affiliate product that you are marketing.

However, not all articles are effective in driving traffic where you want it to go. To be effective the articles will have to be very well written and they will also have to be loaded with lots of valuable information. Some affiliate marketers or online marketers deliberately hold back a lot of information from their free articles and end up referring people to their site for any useful information. This is a big mistake. If your article is not well written or the information in your article is not valuable, then you will find that most people will not bother to visit your website or blog.

Christopher Kyalo has made money online while using articles as his only marketing tool. Visit the following link to find out the most effective site to post your free article to; http://marketingurhomebiz.blogspot.com/2005/06/

Visit his blog for more valuable free tips; http://big-online-story.blogspot.com


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