8 Surefire Methods to Create an Article Title That Will Get Your Article Read More Often

Mike Makler

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Often all the Web Surfer will see is your title, Your Title will determine if your article gets read or not. You can use these techniques together or in combination to get your articles read.

1 - Use Precise Numbers

Precise numbers seem more believable and less canned. Precise numbers working best. Here are some examples

  • Instead of the Title ‘How You Can Earn $500 a Day, Use How You Can Earn $503.52 A Day
  • Instead of How To Lose 30 lbs in 30 Days, Use How to Loose 42 and 1/2 Pounds in 41 Days

    2 - Appeal to the Curious Side

    Anything that asks a question or makes them go hmmm. Titles like

  • The Secrets of Rabbit Multiplication
  • Do you Know The Most Common Mistake People Make That . . . .

    3 - How To

    Everyone wants to know how To. How to Lose Weight, How to Save Gas. How to Make Your children Eat

    4 - Emotions

    Appeal to their emotions.

    5 - Enumerated Lists

    Enumerated list articles are very popular.

  • The top 10 things you can do. .
  • 7 ways to . . .
  • Do You know the 5 Most Important.

    The numbers 5, 7, 10 seem to be used a lot. I find that numbers like 8, 9, 11 and 17 work best. Avoid the Dreaded 13.

    6 - Guarantee

    Titles with the word Guarantee seem to work great.

    7 - The Best

    Titles with the word the Best seem to work Great

    8 - Combine Methods.

    This Title Combines the below Methods 10 Tips to Get Started in The Best Home Based Business for Practically Anyone from 18 to 83 Guaranteed. Do you See How?

  • Use Precise Numbers
  • Enumerated Lists
  • Guarantee
  • The Best

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