How to Ghostwrite Keyword Articles at Top Speed

Dina Giolitto

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Before you can call yourself a pro article ghostwriter, you must learn exactly what that phrase entails. Here it is, in a nutshell: you must offer your clients speed, efficiency, riveting copy and short articles that you crank out on Article Autopilot. Here are seven steps to meet that goal.

1. Research the subjectmatter.

Go straight to Google and start printing out information. If you're writing for a credit card merchant site, go directly to a credit card offer from, say, Mastercard and print out the Terms and Conditions. Collect your documentation and read it all in an evening.

2. Get your keywords up front.

Some clients are really particular about keywords, and others more laid back. Find out what you need to do before you start typing. It'll save you time and redrafting in the end.

3. Prepare a list of hot topics to cover.

Illustrate exactly how you plan to go about firing off the articles. Each one should be engaging and original, so what will you include in your article arsenal? Present the finished list to the client and wait for feedback. Adjust accordingly.

4. Get in that “salesy" frame of mind.

Remember you client's objective. If you're not sure what that is, ask him again. How will these articles be used to convert the reader to a paying customer? Accentuate the positive, drive your customer to take action.

5. Create the skeleton of an article.

Type out 5 or 7 main features to cover in the article and leave space between each one. Go back and form 2 to 3 supporting sentences to illustrate each point. Don't forget the hooker of a headline and opening paragraph. Add a conclusion and wrap it up.

6. Work out the kinks.

Plump up those power headings with keywords and copy that positively sings. Tighten your draft, omit drivel and repeated thoughts. Grab that Thesaurus and buff and shine her up.

7. Wash, rinse, repeat.

You should submit your first article to see how the client reacts. Once you get his input and make changes, proceed with the rest of your articles in the same fashion.

Remember, articles are not rocket science. All you're doing is getting prospects interested in clicking that URL at the bottom. So, step lively now, and start writing those articles.

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