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The Secret of Magical Novel Promotion


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If you've written book of non-fiction, it's easy to get no-cost promotion on the internet. You simply write articles about the information in your non-fiction book and people want to know more. But what if your book is fiction? What if it's a novel? How do you write articles then and take advantage of the same sort of great promotion that's available to the non-fiction writer. I was mulling this problem over in my mind when the answer popped into my mind. Of course! It was so simple. All you have to do is. . . focus on the information or the details in your book and then write non-fiction articles about those things.

So if you wrote a thriller that takes place in Rome and ha a heavy emphasis on putting clues inside churches or near statues (Does the work of Dan Brown sound familiar) then all you've got to do is start producing articles about those statues and those churches.

In fact, it's a great way to start using all that excess research information you have but never got the chance to put in the book. When you write fiction, your plot, your story, is moved along by things. Those things could be river boats on the Mississippi. Or argyle socks, or a particular kind of gun, a food recipe, old style baseball uniforms. The list is endless.

You write an article about one of those things. Let's say you've just written a story very much like Jack and the bean stock. How about an article on con men, or how music therapy is helping with medical recoveries, or whether gold (eggs or coins or whatever) are good investments at the moment. You get the idea.

You write your article and then at the very end, mention how this one item plays an essential roll in the book you've just written entitled. . . well, whatever the title is.

Now, you can also take this strategy and turn it to your advantage with virtually any media you want to work with. You'll be giving media interviews on the topic of abused children in Haiti, or the lack of flood preparedness of the average family and what they can do about it.

"Well, Dorothy, I started thinking about flood preparedness of the average family when I began writing my novel, the Dam that Ate Cleveland. There's a scene in that book that is both terrifying to the reader, and was actually terrifying for me as I wrote it. In that situation we have a family that. . . "

"And as I did more research, I discovered that these problems not only continue to exist, but they're getting worse. The novel is a fictionalized version of a situation that could become very real if just a few circumstances come about. . . "
With just a little effort, you can do this virtually any novel. . .

"There are now nano machines, microscopic robots, really, that can actually repair mechanical damage by themselves and on their own. . This means that the main character in my novel, a ‘57 Chevrolet that repairs damage to itself, is closer to real life than we might think. . . "

Naturally, every article you write about your non-fiction information must refer to your novel at some point, usually near the end of the article. You want people who were interested enough to read the article, to have a speedy method of laying down the money for the entire book. And the article gives them a reason for doing just that.

If you've already written a novel, take a look at each page. You'll find the genesis of an non-fiction article right there before you, with a new article being offered up on each and every page.

Steve Manning is a master writer showing thousands of people how they can write their book faster than they ever thought possible. Here's your free book-writing library and mini-course,

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