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Writing Articles - How to Write Multiple Articles in an Hour

Hendry Lee

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Traffic to your site from your articles depend on a few factors. Title, content, resource box and the overall quality of the article count, but if everything is equal, the number of articles determines your traffic level. So, you want to play the numbers game too.

The question remains, “How could you write enough good quality content to win?"

I have a few techniques that I discovered before and now use successfully ever since. The first one was looking for the writing zone. I no longer use this method because practically nowadays I can write anytime I want with a few exceptions when I don't have enough sleep the night before. But still, it used to be effective for me.

There were time during the day when I found that I could write better and became more productive. I allocated that time of the day to write as many articles as I could. For me, it was early in the morning and around 2 to 4 PM.

The second habit that I found very useful and still use to this date is to keep an idea journal and the habit of writing my ideas down. David Allen of Getting Things Done coined the term “collect" to describe the activity of gathering all the open loop into an external system.

Combining both methods above allows you to keep writing until you run out of idea, which you won't if you have been into the habit for some time.

Finally, when writing one article, often the other ideas just appear. You need to be aware of this and jot this down too. Once you are done with this article, you immediately start the next one. Most likely they will be closely related together, so you can write even faster.

Some article authors are able to write a few hours consecutively. You can do it with a bit of practice, I believe. Start slow and keep writing for one hour and gradually improve over time.

Do you want to learn the secrets about article writing and marketing? If I can drive more than 12,688 unique visitors to my site each month, you can do it too if you know the secrets.

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Writing Articles – How to Write Articles for Article Marketing
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