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Proven Article Writing Youd Like to See YOUR Articles 1 at Google Wouldnt You?

Kevin D Browne

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Are you in the market for some proven article writing?If you are, get ready to make a PROS and a CONS list of the people that come up on the Google Adwords results because not everyone writing articles will give you the full package.

What's the full package?

The best most proven article writing will be the one for you that starts with the absolute best keyword research. Not just using software that anyone can buy, this person or company should take those results and then put some “consumer speak" on them (meaning make them user friendly) and THEN check those keywords against what is already ranking in the #1 spot on Google currently for that keyword.

A great article writer will NOT write anything until he or show knows exactly where that article will rank after getting YOUR articles published to the best article marketing sites in the world.

This eliminates all of the guesswork out of the writing of article writers. Most so called prove article writers that I've seen do very strong keyword research, but DO NOT check that keyword against what's possible.

And that is a huge miss.

Naturally this prove article writing will then take that exact keyword and will cleverly use it in the headlines of your articles and in the density of them as well. This is critical. Too many times used and you are a spammer and the better article sites will not do business with you. Too few mentions of your keyword and the engines do not find you!

Ah, the razors edge.

With that keyword in the right positions, this proven article writing had better be writing articles that get you the click! Too many article writers are just getting the keywords in front of people and are not doing the really important job. . . having the reader click on YOUR LINK. The only way that happens is through passionate writing that get the reader to take the next step.

Most article writers that I have seen are very good at pieces of this process.

But not all are GREAT at being able to put them all together for YOUR work.

Find that, and you've found proven article writing worth keeping. . . for good!

Kevin Browne is a former 19 year Madison Avenue Creative Director/Senior Copywriter and is now the co-owner of The Best Article Writing Service, LLC. You can visit him here when you you need a proven article writing .


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