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Who is the Best Article Writer?

Kevin D Browne

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Okay everyone, who is the best article writer and why?

The best in the business SHOULD be the person who approaches your keywords as if they are LOTTERY TICKETS! That means that of the hundreds of thousands of your keywords, a far smaller amount of them will be your profitable keywords, and a MUCH smaller amount of those will be your gems!.

I personally have seen people"build" or find keywords that have enabled them to make money every single day. One great keyword has that ability and that prospect should drive this writer. We all know that keywords drive everything. . . but did you know that 5 or ten amazing keywords could put you and your business into profitability EVERY SINGLE DAY?

I have also seen businesses find a very small handful of keywords and build entire monthly incomes deep into the five figures from just those! So YOUR keywords are critical to your success. . . and your article writer needs to FOCUS on that!

Hence the lottery ticket metaphor.

The best keyword software on the planet will be only a great starting point as even the best keywords for your business can still be “friendlied up" after you have researched them with that software. Instead of saying “for no cost" you could use “for nothing" or “for nothin" in your keywords and the results might just shock you.

I cannot stress enough the variables that come into play when YOUR MOST PROFITABLE KEYWORDS are properly handled. Think of them like an onion that can be peeled for months if not years. . . that's what a great article writer will do. He or she will surround the anchor of your keyword, and will “own" every possible variation of it for your articles, you blogs and of course for your web pages.

If you want to really know who is the best article writer you need to start that entire discussion and keep it on KEYWORDS. . . more importantly YOUR KEYWORDS, until you are convinced that this article writer that you are going to go with understands YOUR NEED to own as much of YOUR TERRITORY as possible.

A good article writer will surround the anchor of your keyword. A great one will dominate it and point to it from as many directions as the net will allow.

Be stringent when you look for your answer to who is the best article writer and DO NOT allow yourself to be glossed over by anything besides YOUR MOST PROFITABLE KEYWORDS as you start your search.

Kevin Browne is a former 19 year Madison Avenue Creative Director?Senior Copywriter and is now the co-owner of The Best Article Writing Service, LLC. You can visit him here when you you need to immediately learn who is the best article writer .


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