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Jobs For Introverts Most Wealthy Introverts


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What do Bill Gates, Warren Bufett, and Sheldon Adelson have in common? They are all introverts, and they are all some of the richest men in the world. Most of the highest paying jobs in the world are all absolutely ideal for introverts. Normally the highest paying jobs require very little communication, and are more about imagination, innovation, intellect, most of the traits that can be found in an introvert are the traits of your “every day" millionaire. This remains true for Internet Marketing.

Internet marketing creates more millionaires than any other job or profession. The ideal way for an introvert to get started with this, is through internet marketing, getting paid to write articles on the internet. It's just you, your keyword, and your ideas, that's it. No communication whatsoever involved, no phone calls, or even emails.

The internet is the ideal place for an introvert, since it's completely anonymous with no communication, and heavy thought. I consider my self an introvert, and I really can't imagine doing something else. Getting paid good money to express my ideas and thoughts, it's a dream really.

How this work?

Well there is 2 ways to make money writing articles online, you can either get paid per article or paid for advertising on each article. Getting paid per article is very unwise, usually you get a few bucks for something that will earn you a couple hundred per month in advertising.

How do I get paid?

The companies that you advertise for will pay you by check or Paypal. You simply sign up on there website, copy the HTML code they give you onto your article, and you're done. The article will do the selling, and you get your check in the mail or deposited into your Paypal account.

This is the ideal job for any introvert, high pay, no communication, heavy amounts of writing, what could be better?

Learn how you can become an article marketer, grab your Free eBook that will show you exactly how you can become an article marketer.


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Wealthy Marketer - Review On How You Can Become Wealthy Online
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