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How to Write the Perfect Article


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You really want to know how to write the perfect article? The answer to this question lies within yourself. What is perfect? What is imperfect? I know I'm belaboring the point here just a bit but I want you to understand that there is no perfect anything in life.

We want to believe that there is a foolproof way to do something let alone write a perfect article. But when it comes right down to it there is no perfect way to write an article. Now we can write and edit and re-edit until we're blue in the face but if the content of the article is being understood by you the reader then the point has been made.

Like this article I'm trying to make perfect and no matter what I do to come up with the perfect words it's never to my liking. So I leave it to you the reader to make an opinion on this article right here and now if this article is perfect?

Well up until this point you were figuring on discovering the secret to writing the perfect article. Well don't give up because I'm about to show you some traits that every article must have in order to get to a status of perfect as can be.

I'm going to stay away from referring to the perfect article but along those same lines I will refer to writing an article that means something to you and to the message that the article is trying to convey.

Did you get that? A message must be conveyed that is relevant to the title of the article. Make the text of the article complementary to the article title and you will retain the readers interest because they are reading it because of the title only.

Do you go to movies with bad titles? I don't. The movie could be on the level of being nominated for an Oscar Emmy but if it has a bad title or a title not pleasing to my mind then I won't see it. Simple as that.

The same goes with restaurants. I will not go into a restaurant named Pork Belly restaurant. No way will I be part of that restaurant just because of the name.

So take heed on the article title and the context within the article.

Writing articles is a skill that you must master if you are going to be an online marketer. No two ways around this fact and you can take the hard way or the easy way to learn how to write articles. You need to write a lot of articles and be quick at it. How about writing an article in 7 minutes? If you want to know how go to and you will be surprised to find out how easy it is.


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