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Writing Articles - A Challenge Or Limitation?

Hendry Lee

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Since I started my blog and wrote a lot of articles, prospects seem to come from anywhere that I don't even know about before. Thanks to the power of article marketing, I can get my message across without spending on big advertising fee.

Writing doesn't come naturally for me. Frankly speaking, it still is a challenge at times for me. Although I like to write since I was in high school, my skill didn't progress much until I made it a routine every day.

Like any other skills, practice makes perfect. Tennis players may lose their aces if they don't practice for a week. You need to develop your writing “muscle" so they are lean and strong.

I recall being told by a teacher that I was suck at writing. He couldn't understand what I was trying to convey. When it came to the exam, it was really bad. I found that I could write one page essay as an answer to the question, but he thought it should be shorter. I didn't fail the exam, but it was close enough.

Writing was a limitation when I was started a few years ago. I spent 3-4 hours just to write 300-word article. Despite the great feeling of getting something done, I knew it wasn't the way to go.

Perhaps if blog didn't become a powerful publishing and marketing tool, I would never be in the current position now.

Practicing writing, although important, was not my first priority after that before I read about blogging and decided to give it a try. I was like jumping from one hop to another trying to find things that work. Blogs got me back into writing regularly and just in a few months I had developed enough skills to write article with much less struggle.

I'm still far from being a perfect writer. Probably it will still take hours for me to write an article formally like in academical paper. However, my skill is now enough to let me communicate what I have as articles. That means, I could start promoting and marketing my business using articles, blogs and the myriad numbers of other marketing tools that require writing.

Try to see writing as a challenge. At first, you may have difficulties but if you spend enough time, you'll get over it no matter how long it takes. After that, you'll definitely write faster.

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Writing Articles - Quick and Easy Steps to Get Your Articles Written
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