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Article Writing Tips - One Call To Action For Success

Steven Wagenheim

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This article is actually in response to the new terms of service coming up at Ezine Articles reducing the number of self serving links you can have in your resource box from three to two. Some people I know seem to be upset by this and quite honestly, there is no reason to be if you're writing articles in an efficient manner. In this article, I'm going to explain what that efficient manner is so that you understand that you don't ever need three links in your resource box. . . ever.

Articles should be very well structured if they're going to be effective tools to get people to your web page. What is that effective structure? Well, for starters, the title of the article should have the main keyword in it and be a compelling title at the same time. This is easily done by doing what I did in this article, having the keyword phrase first followed by a hyphen and then the main theme of the article.

After the title, you need to strong introductory paragraph. You need to tell your reader what you're going to be discussing in the article so that they'll know right away if it's something they're going to want to read or not. This way, you're not wasting their time with something that they don't care about. Believe me, they'll thank you for doing this.

Then you have the body of the article where you give them the details of what you said you were going to tell them in the intro. Each paragraph should focus on a different point and the paragraphs shouldn't be too long. This will get your reader to continue on.

Finally, you conclude the article with a summary of what you just told them so that they don't forget the key points. The summary doesn't have to be too long. It just has to get the job done. Actually, the shorter the summary is, the better.

All of this leads to your resource box which should be ONE call to action. This is why having more than one link in your resource box makes no sense at all. The cardinal rule of copywriting is one call to action at the end of your sales copy. This is why one link is all you want to have.

So don't worry about how many links you can or can't have in your resource box. If you have a well structured article, which includes as good title, strong intro paragraph, body of the article that focuses one paragraph for each point, a short closing and finally one call to action in your resource box, you will have an article that will bring visitors to your site.

It really IS that simple.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

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