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How I Just Wrote a 500 Word Article in Less Than Ten Minutes

Charles Brown

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I'm always looking for ways to ramp up my article-writing speed. Like you, I know that the more quality articles I submit to online article sites, the more inbound links I create to my website.

And also like you, I get bogged down along the way. I throw in way too much detail, I wander off on tangents that wind up lying on my own version of a “cutting room floor, " and worst of all, I spend an awful lot of time staring off into space “thinking. "

Not good.

Especially when my aim is to join that select group of writers who have written thousands of online articles as part of their article-marketing program. In order to reach these levels, it just stands to reason that I need to turn out at least 100 new articles a month, a level I have not yet achieved.

But I just did something cool that merits passing along to you. I just this morning wrote an article from scratch that took about 7 or 8 minutes to complete. And don't think this was one of those flimsy, skinny article lites that you see so often. It was over 500 words and, in my opinion at least, contained real solid content my readers would like to read.

So here's how I did it:

First, I wrote out a couple of questions. Lately I've been writing other articles about how affirmations are like software programs for the brain, that can help you or I re-program how our brains think. Affirmations, as I've defined it, are statements that “tell the truth about yourself in advance. "

In other words, if you are presently a smoker who really wants to quit, you could affirm, “I no longer like the taste of cigarettes, they make me feel nauseous and sick as soon as I put the first one in my mouth. " Strictly speaking, that statement is not true, yet. But the brain has a way of “re-wiring itself when it hears such affirmations repeated over and over again to make these statements come true.

But I thought that readers of my most recent articles might want to know, “How can I use affirmations to make these changes come true in my life. "

From this question I wrote out a list of possible answers. And then I noticed that each answer prompted other questions, which of course prompted more questions.

I've noticed that I can sit and write ten questions in the time it takes me to write a single statement of fact. Questions flow naturally and are almost effortless.

It's like Rudyard Kipling's old saying about having six servants when he was a journalist: "Who, What, When, Where, Why and How". What could be easier?

Questions and answers. Just like the natural flow of an everyday conversation. Try it and maybe we will both join those 1000 article writers the rest of us all envy.

Charles Brown is freelance writer with an unhealthy curiosity about nearly everything. He has used article marketing to promote a number of internet businesses. If you must, you can visit him at his Squidoo lens, Getting Targeted Traffic With Article Marketing


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How To Write An Article In 3 Minutes Or Less
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