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Great Article Writing - How to Write Great Articles about Goal Setting & Goal Getting in Your Niche

Jeff Herring

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One of the cool things you can do with article marketing is write seasonal articles in your niche. And this is definitely the “goals season" the time to set goals, or what is commonly known as New Year's Resolutions.

With all of my different students, members and mentees, I've yet to find a niche or area of expertise that you could not tie to goal setting. Brainstorm, without editing,

How to Set GoalsBrainstorm a List - Brainstorm, without editing, a list of what you are committed to accomplishing in the next year.

Pick 1 - 3 - From your brainstormed list, choose one to three goals that you are willing to focus on for a year. Aiming for more than 3 can get you off track, especially if you are new at this stuff.

Capture the List - Write our your goals, either on paper or on your computer. The dullest ink is still stronger than the sharpest memory.

How to Get Goals

The Difference - The difference between setting and getting goals is huge. Anyone can set goals, and most people do at the first of the year. Only those committed to a plan get their goals.

Tell Someone - When you tell someone about your goals you are making it public and holding yourself accountable. This increases the chances of you meeting your goals.

Get Regular - Consistency is the key here. Consistent ordinary efforts produce extraordinary results.

Celebrate - So many people forget to do this one. Celebrate and enjoy your hard work. Celebration is motivating, and propels you on to your next set of goals.

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Goal Setting Formula - 7 Steps to Goal Setting
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