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Easy Article Writing - How to Write So Readers Click


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The first step to article writing is to choose a topic that you find interesting. It is not necessary to pick a popular topic or one that deals with current issues. Remember, the Internet is teeming with an eclectic mix of users looking for information on anything and everything—including Banyan trees and shoelaces! To attract the attention of the reader you must select a good, informative and preferably concise title. Phrases like “How to”, “Easy ways to”, “Ten ways to”, “Secrets” and “Try this” are some popular options. Again, a title can also be a question that is answered by the article. It is imperative to pay attention to details like grammar and spelling. Your sentence should be short concise and to the point. Use punctuation to break up your thoughts into easy-to-manage titbits rather than large, cumbersome chunks. If you ramble along within the same sentence, either your reader will lose focus or your sentence will turn out to be incomprehensible. The same rule applies to paragraphs as well. A good paragraph can put across your ideas within 5 sentences. Remember, the reader is not obligated to read your article instead it is your job to excite interest.

Constructive, engaging and enjoyable articles always manage to captivate a large audience. The best articles combine of all three characteristics. Common tricks include using a novel approach or an unexplored theme to tickle curiosity. If you are rewriting a previously published article, try and do something different—a few new details add relevance and, more importantly, eradicate repetition. Language is a key issue to writing a good article. Select your words carefully, do not try to impress the reader by using complicated, unrecognizable and pretentious words. Language is a device that delivers your ideas to the viewer.

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Article Writing - How To Make The Most Of The 5 Parts Of An Article To Get More .
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