Can You Write an Article Like I Can?

Sean Mize

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How’s that for a sassy title. Either you are laughing right now, or you are foaming at the mouth. That’s OK.

My guess is, you aren’t the best article writer around. What is best? Well that depends on what you are looking for. Are you delivering great information? Getting clicks to your site? Getting opt-ins to your list?

What if you could do it all, in each article?

Here’s how:

1) Start with a title that grabs the reader. Go to the ‘top articles’ section of this directory and notice the strength of the article titles. Look at some of my other titles.

2) Lead in with a first paragraph that the reader simply cannot resist. Once they begin to read the article, they must make it past the first paragraph.

3) Keep the entire article interesting. Use stories, examples, extremely useful information.

4) Keep every point short and concise. The shorter the paragraphs, the easier to read. Write exactly as much as you need to give the information solid content.

5) Give the reader precise steps for doing what you are teaching. Do not feel like you have to leave out useful information to get them to click in to your site. Instead, give them the best information so they see you as an expert. Then when they click, they already trust you.

6) Create a clear invitation to click in your bio. Don’t do it in the article, but you can usually be pretty aggressive in the bio.

7) Write about things you are knowledgeable in, and have passion for. Feel passion when you are writing, and your writing will improve.

8) Use clear, easy-to-understand language. Not everyone online has the same acumen you do.

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Sean Mize is a successful offline and online entrepreneur and marketer, and is currently writing his third book.


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