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Sean Mize

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You know how it is. You have an idea for an article. You think it is a great idea. You know it will impart some unique and profitable information to the readers. So you write it. You submit it to your favorite directories. You check your article statistics every day. You are only getting a few readers here and there. Worse yet, your own traffic statistics indicate you are getting very few click-thrus from those readers. So what to do?

In this short article, I am going to share with you my blueprint for both getting my articles read, and for getting those readers to click through to my sites.

How to get your articles read and how to get click thrus from readers.

1) You have got to have a great title. The title is what readers use to determine if they are even going to read your article in the first place. So what is a great title? A great title arouses interest. A great title tells the reader what they are going to learn in the article, but it also arouses some curiosity. For great examples, go to your favorite article directories and look at their “most read articles" page. You will notice a striking difference in the directness and clarity of the titles of the articles on that list versus the articles in general.

2. ) Your first sentence or set of sentences must attract the same power and attention that a great headline does. You see, if the reader clicks into your article and loses interest immediately, he is let down. He feels let down. He clicks out of your article and looks for another.

3) Once the reader has read the first few sentences and has made the decision to read on, they must remain hooked through to the end of your article. Your information must be meaty and yet not long-winded. Give the reader useful information, information he can immediately use and apply. Don’t feel, however, that you have to teach him everything about your topic. In most cases, you probably cannot. Rarely can you adequately cover a topic or teach a new technique in one article.

4) At the end of the article you must place a compelling call to action. In most directories, this should be included in your bio. Rather than just put your name and accomplishments and a link, include a call to action. Tell the reader to click through to your site for more information on the topic. Tell him what he can receive from your site. Then add the link to your site. After that, put your bio information-and your link again, or another if you have two sites or two interesting pages.

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Sean Mize is a successful offline and online entrepreneur and marketer, and is currently writing his third book.


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