Three Things You Can Try If You Have Article Writers Block


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Writing can be one of the most challenging skills you can ever master. Some people find writing incredibly easy whilst others will sit for days just to push out one single article. One of the challenges all writers will face at some time is writers block. Essentially writers block occurs when the words you are trying to articulate just do not come out in the manner you wish. In some cases you may find, during writers block that you have no inspiration to write an article or do not know how to start it.

Writers block for me usually occurs when I am stressed and overworked so there are three things I recommend you try to break out of a case of writers block.

Item #1 – List Points and Write A Paragraph on the Points

When I am really challenged at writing an article I will go back to the basics. First of all I will write my heading which simply defines what I am writing about. The next step I follow is to write simple list points on what I want to cover in my article. For example in this article I wanted to give you three tips on how to over come writers block. I simply wrote them as –

  • Item 1. List Points and Write A Paragraph on The Points
  • Item 2. Meditation
  • Item 3. Listen to Music
  • Most web articles need to be a minimum of 600 words for article directories to accept them so by simply writing two or three paragraphs for each item, it will not take long to meet the criteria of 600 words.

    Using this technique makes creating articles like, Seven Tips to … Four Strategies for etc really simple. By listing the items you want to share and writing a paragraph or two for each item you will easily and quickly create your article.

    Finally, to complete your article simply write a lead in paragraph to the first item and a lead out paragraph after the last item to conclude your article and before you know it, you will have another fully written article.

    Item #2 – Meditate

    Whenever I find it really difficult to write I simply go and do a good 20 minutes of meditation. What you will find is that when you meditate, if you are doing it correctly, it should help you to clear your mind and to bring you to focus. The objective of meditation is to take the chaos we go through every single day, and to move the chaos into some form of order. Once you achieve this you will then be able to reflect on your inner self and find peace.

    Okay, I can hear it now, “Oh Yeah Hippy, Want Us to Meditate do ya?" Absolutely! Look whilst meditation has certainly been a thing of fringe groups in western society or associated with eastern religions many researchers are now coming to the distinct conclusion that meditation can make a huge difference to our day-to-day lives and helps us to overcome stress and in particular writers block.

    The core advantage meditation will play in your life is to help you to relax and deal with challenging situations more effectively. The more relaxed you are the more creative you can be in dealing with your creative issues. I certainly recommend that when you are meditating, that you use baroque music with your meditation as it will help increase the alpha waves which will help lead you to a calm feeling. This is especially useful if you do not have a long period to meditate. I recommend a 20 minute meditation session at least once a day preferably two. You will be really surprised the difference it makes to your day. Just try it out, you have nothing to loose and a few hundred articles to gain.

    Personally I find after a good meditation session I can pump out five to ten articles which I think is a great way to get ahead.

    Item #3 – Listen to Music

    Listening to music is a great way to beat writers block however, be warned, some music can in fact make your writers block worse. The sort of music you should be listening to is Baroque Music at 60 beats per minute. Research has shown that this type of music actually releases alpha waves in both our left and right sides of our brains. In doing this, it helps us to fell calm, similar to whistling a happy tune.

    The “Alpha" state of mind is ideal for developing articles as it heightens creativity and learning. Many of my colleagues use Baroque music in their memory learning seminars specifically because Baroque Music heightens the learning and creativity parts of the brain.

    Writers block can be one of the great challenges you will have to face at some stage in your writing career. These three items I have listed above have helped me breeze through a writers block saga and ensure that I can effectively continue to do the work I enjoy. Just to finish off I want to reiterate the three things I recommend you try if you are suffering writers block:

    Item #1 – List Points and Write A Paragraph on the Points

    Item #2 – Meditate

    Item #3 – Listen to Music

    Chris has a Six Step Meditation Program called Relaxation Techniques for Stress Management , Baroque Meditation Music - Meditation Music and Seven Ways of Reducing Stress


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