Writing Articles-Is It for Pleasure, Publicity, Profit or Productivity!- Part 1

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Writing Articles is a skill. To some it comes naturally while others acquire it either by experience or by following courses in the art of writing. Articles are written with a purpose. Some write for Pleasure, some write for Publicity, some for Profit while there are others who write for Productivity especially the Smart Webmasters.

Writing for Pleasure:

Those who write for pleasure have nothing at stake. They write for the love of it. There are no limitations, restrictions or obligations. They let their imagination take wings, float around and put everything in writing. A good writer writing for pleasure ends up with something original and beautiful.

Writing for Publicity:

There is another set of writers who hunger for publicity. They will do anything to see their name and article in print. They will write on any topic. The slightest upheaval in the political situation or the eruption of a volcano in the pacific islands is enough fodder for them to grab their pens and scribble a few words and send them off to the editor of a newspaper. Yes they love publicity and revel in it.

Writing for Profit:

Writing for profit is another aspect altogether. Here your objective is to make money. Produce something your client wants. Sell your product for a price. Many make a living by writing articles and short stories for newspapers and magazines. There are also others who make a living as Ghost writers and Copywriters and often sought after by webmasters to write articles and content for their websites. To remain successful in their vocation productivity does play an important role in their writings.

Writing for Productivity:

Webmasters who write articles and post them to article directories and article distributors fall into this category. Here we are not talking about the number of articles the webmaster is producing but of the maximum quality output or return he gets for his input of time and effort. Pleasure, Publicity or Profit is not what he is after. His sole objective is to obtain one way links, thereby increase his link popularity, generate traffic to his website and enjoy other benefits.

Articles written just for the sake of writing and submitting them to article directories simply makes no sense. No one is going to read them. Your articles have to be of acceptable standard, should display your expertise and should be easily understood and appreciated by your audience.

It is only then that your articles will be accepted and published by good article directories, Ezines and webmasters.

If you are writing for Productivity, then you have to adopt certain strategies when writing these articles so that you may obtain the maximum one way links, improve your link popularity and enjoy other benefits.

Part 1 of this article deals with the aspects of writing for Pleasure, Publicity, Profit!

Part 2 of this article will explore the aspects of writing for Productivity and achieving your goal as a Smart Webmaster.

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