Writing Articles: The Essentials?


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You are now ready to start writing an article for your site, but you are not sure what you need exactly to make it a good and unique item.

First of all you need to make sure that the subject you are writing about relates to the site you are promoting. Remember you are trying to get people to come and visit your site and hopefully use your article on their own site. It is hardly worth writing about one thing for the reader to then find that the writer’s site is on a completely different subject. Don’t forget write on a subject that you are interested in and have a lot of knowledge of and where possible do as much research as possible on your subject. You will find that the more information you provide in your article the more likely it is to be used by other sites dealing with the same subject matter.

Next you need to look at the layout of your article. The best way of doing this is by jotting down a number of points that you want to include in your article. Use this to then write a paragraph or two on each point. Once you have done this you will find that when you bring the paragraphs together they will present you with a completed document.

When you have completed your article remember to do your resource box (author’s information). In this you need to put your name, a little about yourself, your knowledge on the subject you are writing about and most important of all your back link. If you want you could write something like this:-

“Your name, is the webmaster of this (site name plus include hyperlink) and has been interested in this subject for a number of years now and has become an acknowledged expert".

After finishing your article and then reading it through to check for errors and spelling mistakes (don’t forget to use a spell checker on your computer if you have one), you need to think about submitting it to some article directories. By submitting it to a directory you are allowing other people the opportunity of not only reading it, but also using it on their own sites (they must maintain your back link details if they wish to publish it).

Wherever possible, you can sign up to some article directories, not only does it give you a chance to interact with other author’s through these directories forums, but it also means that you are able to track how your articles are going. How many people are actually looking at it and if anyone has actually used it on their site also.

So the big thing to remember when writing an article is to make sure that it is genuine and that people will find it interesting. The more people who look at your articles, the more visitors you are likely to receive at your site.

I hope that you have found this article to be of help to you and look forward to seeing your name in print in the near future.

Allison Thompson webmaster of several sites a work at home mum now living in Spain. For further information on this product please go to http://www.give-me-articles.com


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Writing Articles - How to Write Great Articles in 300-600 Words
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