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Well…. . fair enough, not everyone is created with a flair for writing. As a matter of fact even if I can write a little, what on earth should I be writing about. The thought of writing is enough to put me to sleep. Writing , especially articles is one of hottest topic in generating quality traffic in the internet these days. Anyone interested in getting long term quality traffic should not over look this area. Believe me…. read on.

So, what’s the big about writing articles. As the saying goes, Content is king. There is a huge demand for information and everyone is screaming to get quality content for their site, be it for marketing their products , adsense publishing or simply for informative purposes.

Submitting quality articles to directories, ezines and other resource sites is one the most effective No cost methods in generating massive traffic to your site permanently. It has a viral effect of propagating your links as directories owner and content users pick up your articles and start spreading them like wild fire. Writing article on your product also help potential buyers understand them better, hence increase your chances of making a sales.

How to get started. First, focus on an area you are familiar with and begin writing short sentences as you would in taking notes. Don’t fret when you get stuck at first. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day. As you continue to write, your skill will improve. The key is discipline and staying motivated. Try to keep your articles between 300 to 600 words, as this is a standard guideline in most directories and ezines.

Five simple steps to creating your kill articles.

1. Headline
2. Draw reader’s interest with opening sentence.
3. Body of articles – talk about the main points
4. Summarize with a call to Action
5. Get readers to click on your link.

Headlines. You need to capture the attention of your readers otherwise they will pass you by as just another piece of information. A sure win method is to apply the question type headlines. ( e. g. Are you still struggling to get your first affiliate check? ) The next method that cannot go wrong is the how to or tips type headlines to capture your visitor’s attention. ( e. g How to loss weight without dieting )

Drawing reader’s interest with opening sentences will determine if he or she wants to continue reading the rest of your articles. It arouses their curiosity and make them want to know more.

Body of articles should contain the main bulk of the information and should be presented in a neat and orderly manner to help the reader stay interested and focus. Using headers or point form are some good ways to follow.

Summarize with the call to action. Always summarize what is written so that the reader will have a better picture of what they have just read. This should be followed by a call to take action as the facts are still fresh in their mind.

Get reader to click on your link. The primary purpose of writing articles and submitting them to directories is that your readers will understand your product better and hence purchase them. To achieve that, you would want them to click on your link ( sales link or home page ) attached to the article.

Therefore, most article directories or ezines allow authors to place their personal information and links at the end of the article in exchange for their contribution.

In conclusion, Article submission is one of the most cost effective way to generate quality long term traffic on demand. You need to create quality content and follow the five simple steps to create your killer article that will drive tons of information hungry traffic to your sites like bees to honey. One good site to submit your article to is http://www.ezinearticles.com/

Rene Ng has been in internet marketing for the last two years. ( full time ) He is an active contributor to many forums and have written many related articles. To visit the author's latest blog goto : http://www.affiliatemarketingresource.blogspot.com To drive more targeted traffic to your websites and boost your sales revenue, goto : http://www.rhemaresourze.com/Blogblaster.htm


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Article Writing: Writing Your Book the Easy Way by Writing Lots of Articles
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