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Don’t just rush in and start writing! Do your research and plan first. Who is your target market and what do you want to tell them? The style of writing you adopt must match your audience.

e. g. if you are writing a business article the style needs to be more formal and professional whereas an article on organizing a child’s birthday party needs to be informal and full of fun.

Creating articles is easy, simply follow these guidelines:


Although headlines / titles are the first thing that your reader will see, I usually complete the headline after completing the rest of the article. I do this because it gives me a better chance of ensuring that the headline is consistent with the content.

Your headline can make or break your article. A good headline should captivate your reader’s imagination and compel them to read the rest of the article.

Formats similar to the following generally work well:

7 Winning Tips To . . .

5 Ways To . . .

7 Reasons Why . . .

Discover 5 Secrets . . .

Body Content

Your article content should start with a short, but interesting opening paragraph that invites the reader to read more about your headline / title statement.

The body should be broken down into small easy to read paragraphs, preferably in point / step form.

e. g. step #1, tip#1 etc.

People love to read about tips and it is much easier to write articles in this format. You can also turn each tip into sub-headings. This makes it very easy for the reader to quickly see what your article is all about and if it is of interest to them.

Concluding Paragraph

End your article with a concluding paragraph that summarizes the points covered and emphasizes the “promise" contained in your headline.

Resource Box

Resource Boxes must contain a “call to action" that compels your reader to immediately click on your link. A good idea is to offer a free e-book or mini-course related to the article. DO NOT make your resource box look like an ad!

I strongly recommend that you have a look at how other people are writing their articles. Go to various article directories and look for popular articles (been read at least a thousand times). See how they have structured their articles in terms of headlines, content and resource boxes.

Press Releases

These are similar in principle to article submission but use a different format and are submitted via special press release sites. Some article directories also offer a press release facility.

Most press releases require a payment ($30 to $200). Although you can get some free submissions, they are not as effective as the paid ones. If you can afford the cost, substantial traffic can be generated in this way.

The whole process is very straightforward if you simply follow the on screen instructions. To get a feel for the style and format used for press releases, visit some press release sites and take a look at some of the published press releases. Most sites also have a lot of online help for people new to press releases.

A good idea is to get some help in the form of step by step instructions and coaching videos designed specifically for newbies.

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Writing Articles Write Any Article in 2 Easy Steps
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