Article Marketing – 4 Benefits of Your Article Writing Efforts

Brandon Cornett

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Article marketing is the act of writing articles and publishing them online. What's the point? Here are four benefits of an article marketing program.

Benefit #1 - Website Traffic
Article marketing can increase your website traffic in several ways. First, when you publish articles online, and those articles get published elsewhere, they increase your potential audience. And if you include a website link in each article, those readers can easily find your website.

Benefit #2 - Search Engine Ranking
Over time, article marketing can also increase your website's search engine ranking, sometimes dramatically. Here's how:

As we've discussed, article marketing can lead to a lot of inbound links from other websites to yours. As your articles circulate and get published on blogs, ezines and websites, you'll have more and more inbound links. Most search engines (and Google in particular) use “link popularity" as one of several criteria to evaluate and rank your website.

Link popularity refers to the number and quality of inbound hyperlinks from other websites to yours. So by increasing the quality and quantity of articles you submit, you'll be increasing the number of places your articles get published. And the more places your articles get published (with hyperlink intact), the greater the link popularity.

More articles. More links. Better search engine ranking.

On a side note, it's worth mentioning here that with inbound links, quality matters. It's far better to have inbound links from a handful of quality websites (that already rank high with search engines) than from 100 “starter" sites with low ranking.

Benefit #3 - Positioning / Credibility
Article marketing helps you position yourself as an expert in your field. When your articles get published on other websites - especially if they're prestigious or well known sites - you gain third-party credibility you can't get from traditional advertising.

Benefit #4 - Simplicity
In time, you'll learn to write and distribute articles with such efficiency that you'll surprise yourself. In fact, I know from personal experience that one can comfortably write two articles per week. Try it during TV commercials and see what I mean. And at that rate, you'd be producing more than 100 articles per year. You'd also be saturating the search engines (and your target market) with quality, relevant content. And it's easier than you think!

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