Training Dollars Shrinking? Thinking About Workshop Alternatives? Teleclass Training Benefits

Patricia Weber

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With training budget cuts, continued reduced staff situations and even gas prices affecting the decision “to train or not to train, ” teleclasses may be just the option that offers to be on a level playing field as a workshop.

A teleclass is like a conference call. Between 1 and 100 other people call a regular phone number, usually in the United States, at a designated class time and the training begins. This is possible through a technology called bridge systems.

A teleclass, like a workshop or seminar has some lecture, some questions, some discussion. Most teleclass sessions last an hour – ideal since trainers know the average recommended time for training before there is a break is 60 to 90 minutes. Teleclass design can be just one time only, or meet weekly for a number of weeks.

Teleclass training is most prevalent with coaching. Consider some top benefits it offers any organization which wants a more productive alternative to platform training:

1 - Teleclasses are just as participative as live workshops.
Teleclasses are highly interactive when the trainer or leader translates various platform skills to the telephone. For example, want to ask a question and get an idea of how many people can relate to it? Ask participants to press the number 5 on their keypad if that information would be helpful. There are an assortment of techniques like this. Participants can listen and learn and/or participate in the discussion; nothing different than in a live workshop. And anyone can always ask questions!

2 - Teleclasses allow unlimited scheduling ability.
Conferencing telephone bridge lines are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Scheduling can easily accommodate anyone anywhere in the world. Of course, sometimes you have to be a morning or evening person if the time zone in your area doesn’t synchronize with normal working hours. See for a variety of options.

3 – Easily record and archive sessions.
Most teleclass bridge services offer recording options. Additionally there are various spin off services that offer recording capability at inexpensive rates. This makes it possible for later comers to catch the exact same message.

4 – Teleclasses are easy and convenient for participants to get to.
All anyone needs is a land telephone. Cell phones are not as reliable. Computer phone services can be problematic. Many times the computer connection is unreliable and can cause either static or a complete shut down to a bridge line. Still, more people have access in more places to a land telephone.

5 – A teleclass only requires a telephone; no need for a computer.
You do not need a computer in order to be in the class. People can participate in a teleclass training session with just a telephone and long distance ability. Many teleconferencing bridge lines offer toll free numbers for participants and bill the organization for the use of the toll free number.

Whether budgets change, staffs grow or gas prices stabilize, the teleclass or workshop by telephone is an advantageous and attractive alternative to the traditional in person workshop.

Pat Weber - coach, certified telelcass leader, and corporate trainer, America's #1 Coach for Introverts. Working with small business owners, independent professionals and salespeople to get as successful as you want to be, have fun and work with more energy.

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