The 5 Tips of Great Speeches


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Start Smart, Close fit

A powerful openings could be as important as a strong closing in order to give a great speech. In fact, the 1st as well as the last 30 seconds decides most of the success of the speech, which draw all your audience attention.

You can show your enthusiasm to the audience. Like, “I feel very exciting to be here to share with you all I know about. . . ". Give eye contact with the audience. You are delivering the message to them that you are full of confidence and they are going to get something worth that they want.

Clear Structure

Make sure you and your audience know what you are talking about. Express one by one and close sharply when everyone is expected to.

You should be familiar with what you are going to say and where you are during the speech. Think about that if you don't know where you are, how can the audience follow what you are delivering. They would easily be lost on the way and their attention will then be fled away.

Make it real

Relate your theme to real life case and insert funny story. This is especially useful for easing the tense atmosphere.

There are some ways you can use for this purpose sucha as giving a good story and your real life situation. These could shoot upon the mind of the audience. Maybe they could only remember this stuff only after the 20-30 minutes speech. So, just impress your audience and get recognition. By then, you will get closer to give a great speech.

Move smooth

Get it smooth right away. The pace of your speech is crucial to the success.

It doesn't mean that you need to go very fast. In contrast, you should make sure most of your audience could follow you especially when come to some technical terms. You can make a brief description. Please bear in mind it should be as “brief" as possible, as too long description will confuse and direct the audience away from your main theme.

However, you should move fast at some time when it touch some easy-understandings issues.

Know your audience

You should get familiar with your audience and make sure what they want to know. Sometimes, you don't need to tell them what they actually should do. You just show them how they would find out their answers and give them indications. Cite examples could make it more impressive.

It is a good idea to talk to your audience before the speech. You can ask him/her about the interesting topics and suggestion about the speech. This can show you are care about their present and care on individual, not only the group.

You can mention the name of one or some of your audience during the speech. This is a good interaction between the speaker and the audience.

Of course, there are many other things that you can do to perfect your speech. But if you can at least follow the 5 tips that I have mentioned, I am sure you can feel a difference from your previous speech. The great speech is on your side.

I urge you to take action right away. As you know, only the action taker will be success. So, please don't just read it. Do it!

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