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Steven Harold

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One of the most popular issues than anyone can have is the fear of speaking in public. In fact surveys have revealed that in the US this is the biggest fear of Americans.

Public speaking as such can refer to many differing events in which a person has to speak to more than one person. So anytime someone speaks to a group of two or more people this can be considered to be public speaking. This is also when, for many people, their fear or phobia is at its worse.

Now as with any phobia or fear, there are different aspects to it for different people. One person might relish a work meeting when everyone is seated around a table but as soon as they need to stand up and address the same group of people their fear can materialise. For another person used to training groups of people, and there fore standing up in front of them, their public speaking fear might be having to give that best man's speech.

Generally though the symptoms most often experienced by someone who has a fear of public speaking are:

1) Rapid heart beat
2) Shallow breathing
3) Dry mouth
4) Shaking hands
5) Tension in the jaw muscles
6) Loss of memory about what they wanted to say
7) Their voice becomes strained and has a higher pitch
8) Nausea
9) Wanting to run away
10) Loss of sleep

Any or all of the above can happen to a person. They may also have gone through various avoidance strategies beforehand in order to find a way out of having to speak.

Often the biggest problem is the person's ability to think and imagine the worse possible outcome of their speech. In imagining that their speech is going to be a disaster they naturally become tense and stressed and do not have a good time.

Where a good public speaking hypnosis cd can help is in using the power of the imagination for and not against, the person. The imagination is used to see themselves succeeding and giving a great speech.

Interestingly enough, most people who do deliver their speech will get feelings of euphoria mixed with relief at the end of it. They most often feel confident and may even decide that they could do that speech again.

Here is the secret to feeling calm and relaxed with public speaking then. Using your imagination for you and not against you and practise. You more you do something, the more it becomes second nature and the more confident you will feel.

Steven Harold
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Help with Public Speaking


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