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Help! Public Speaking Makes Me Look Like A Dumb Idiot


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You look unprofessional, you are sweating, blushing and stammering like a convicted bank robber. This is before you have even taken the long lonely walk to the brightly lit stage upon which you shall speak to the masses. . .

If only public speaking was easy. . . we'd all be hooked on the power it embeds in us. Sadly, the rest of us who become paralyzed with anxiety at the thought of raising our voice to a crowd of “less than attentive" onlookers will continue to miss out. Being even a mediocre public speaker is not only a goldmine of potential income, but promises many of life's other benefits. . .

Such as:

  • Career progression
  • Pay rises
  • More sales
  • Respect and leadership
  • Authority
  • Making a crucial point
  • Defending our rights
  • Keeping the best man happy at the wedding. . .
Oh yes, remember that it's not just CEO's that suffer the harrowing dread of speaking in public. Almost all of us must face the terror of performing a crucial speech at some point or another. The problem is, we sometimes don't even expect it to be so soon. . . leaving us unprepared and sweating like a dog in heat.

There are however, some fundamental steps that you can and should take note of in order to drastically improve your chances of getting through the speech without crumbling in to pieces in front of hundreds, if not thousands of onlookers. . .


Visualization is the art of being able to see with our mind. Visualization is the creation of mental images sustained and energized by intensely concentrating your focus on a desired goal. The concept is simple: what your mind sees and is truly made to believe becomes your reality. Visualization activates your peak intelligence and your peak performance.

It is an exercise in mentally creating a state, situation, or goal that you want to physically manifest in your life. Your imagination is a very powerful tool to help your achieve what you want in life. And you probably have used visualization many times during your life in one way or another without even realizing it.

Lighten up. . . but not too much

Believe it or not, people want you to feel comfortable, so that they feel comfortable in return. For example, have you ever watched someone in a tricky situation of some kind and noticed how tense you become just from watching them unravel?

To allow others to feel comfortable and to portray a sense of comfort in your own skin whilst up on stage, why not try adding a little personality of yours? Believe me, nobody likes a stuffy speaker. They want to amused, entertained as well as educated. It;s not that hard to do all three, just add a little humour. However, you're not trying your hand at being the next Chris Rock or Eddie Izzard. . . so don't overdo it.

Speak to the last one in

There is no quicker way to turn off your audience than by being too quiet. No one is going to shout across the conference room “Hey, speak up man". People themselves are too reserved in most cases. So you have to presume that those little guys at the back, usually the last ones in can't hear you. Sure, you might be too loud for the ones right at the front, but at least they get the point loud and clear.

Wouldn't it be nice however, if there were a magic button that you could push TONIGHT, so that your fear of public speaking could be wiped off the slate by tomorrow morning? Well, I have a little secret that will open your eyes about your public speaking fears and is guaranteed to be your own magic button. Want to know what it is? Too good to be true? There's only one way to find out. . . click here to speak without fear in public


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