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Is The Fear of Public Speaking My Fault or Yours?


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Does your fear of public speaking really have anything to do with other people watching or listening to you? You might think it does, but you're a “bit wrong".

In fact, the reality of public speaking only exists in your mind and therefore your perception of how other people watching and hearing you speak is purely controlled (good or bad) through your own thoughts.

It is insane to think that every single person in your audience will have the same thoughts about your speech. It is also insane to believe that their thoughts make any difference to you. You see, the people watching and listening to you are doing so for a positive reason, not a negative one.

Nobody wants to see others uncomfortable or unable to deliver a strong message. And a strong message is all people really want from your speech. . . not for your benefit, but for theirs.

You see, the truth is that people just don't care about you enough for you to be worried what they think or how they perceive you. All they want is to learn, be enlightened and to be entertained. That is your goal anyway, so by worrying about what people think is a waste of everybody's time.

Just imagine that you're on a crowded street and someone walks past you and a bird poops on their shoulder. You smile, refrain from laughter and walk on. Do you think that three hours later you will trying to contain yourself from laughter, trying to chase that person down the street with your finger stretched and pointing out laughing at him?

No, you would have moved on with your day, trying to get everything you needed to get done.

The point I am trying to make here is that all of us, including you, are too busy to care about other people's misfortune. Sure, we might tease, laugh or joke for a quick boost of our own ego and to show off wherever possible. . . but we really don't care about the doom and gloom of other people's lives, unless it is someone we love. . . which then we care for in a completely different mindset.

So this means that your anxiety and fear of public speaking is flawed. Because you spend all your time worrying about what other people think and perceive you. . . but the truth is, they will either love you for your words, or they will forget you like yesterday's newspaper.

Although these are two extremes. . . loved or forgotten, this simply demonstrates the fact that there is no real “in-between" stages for you to worry about, just remember that you have one chance to either move people emotionally or you will simply be brushed aside by people who don't really care.

And what if you do get brushed aside? So what? You're forgotten, so get back up there next time and damn well make sure people remember (and even love) what you say. . . which they will do if you speak from the heart and provide real value as a result.

Wouldn't it be nice however, if there were a magic button that you could push TONIGHT, so that your fear of public speaking could be wiped off the slate by tomorrow morning? Well, I have a little secret that will open your eyes about your public speaking fears and is guaranteed to be your own magic button. Want to know what it is? Too good to be true? There's only one way to find out. . . Click here to speak without fear in public


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