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It has been written that public speaking is the number 1 fear, even above the fear of dying. Yet, speaking about a topic that you truly love can be a great experience. I host and produce my own television program in which I interview many best selling authors, experts and celebrities in the area of health and wellness. Before we are about to go on the air, many of my guests say to me nervously, “What questions are you going to ask me?" Or, “Are You going to ask questions that I sent to you?" Or even this, “Did you read the book?"

My response to them is to not worry about anything, just act like we are friends talking in your living room. That usually calms them down and we go on to have a great time sharing our thoughts about their book. The point I am attempting to make is to speak about something you really love to do and have fun doing it! If you do this one thing, speak about your subject that you are passionate about, it will be a lot easier than having to force yourself to pick a random topic and try to create a speech around that unintended subject.

For a lot of us, it is like working a job we do not particularly care for. Or being around someone or something because we are obligated to do so. What tends to happen in this situation is we end up resenting the person, job or subject we feel we are obligated to. I know many of you have to work to pay the bills, so if you are doing so, why not do something in your life that you love to do? Especially if you are branching out in the speaking world?

So, there two very important rules to begin this process. Rule number 1 toward becoming a confident speaker is to pick a topic about something you are passionate about. The second rule is to practice that speech until you are comfortable with it and go out and talk about it! Hey, what a concept! Talking about what you love to do!! You do it all of the time and perhaps you do not know that you talk about a subject because it is a part of your everyday life.

I suggest taking out a pad and writing down the things you love to do and talk about. Write these ideas down and you will be surprised at the outcome. You love and know more than you think you do. The demands and obligations of our life usually do a great job of making us suppress our desires and talents in favor of security. Take time for yourself and explore your wants, desires and passions and begin the process of exploring those things that drive you and in the same process become the confident speaker you were meant to become.

Learning to become a Confident Speaker while developing your speaking skills and making your audience feel great and informed about your topic is what becoming a confident speaker is all about.

Rey Ybarra is a top rated TV talk show host and lecturer. He produces the website and interviews best selling authors, celebrities and experts and his and TV and Internet TV shows continue to lead the way in producing streaming media programming. He produces Internet TV programming from some of the major health and wellness expos in the world! Rey lectures at some of the biggest expos in the world on the importance of streaming media. Rey is considered by his peers to be one of the most prepared, talented and passionate talk show hosts.


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