Public Speaking from Dull to Dynamic

Paul B. Evans

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Here are some speaking tips when you're forced to present on a dull topic.


1. Activity: Since you're talking about Fraud & Risk let the audience FEEL what they are learning. Example: 1) Put a note in an envelope that reads, “This is a bill. You owe Phinda $100. " 2) Tape the note under one of the chairs in the presentation room. 3) Early in your session say, “Raise your hand if you would like a crisp $100 bill. I'm serious if you want a $100 bill I will show you how to get it in the next 10 seconds 4) Have everyone look under their chair. 5) Ask the “winner" to come to the front with the envelope. 6) Let them open and read it. 7) The crowd boos you and you say, “Hmmmm. It looks like somebody got ripped off. We would call that fraud. And that's what we are here today to learn about. "

2. Audience Participation: Ask for input from the class if there is time. Example: “I need one person to share a time when they took a foolish risk, and one person to share a calculated risk. " After they share blend their comments into your presentation. “Notice that Jeff said it was foolish to jump off his two story home when he was twelve. Look closely at your notes. If you do not have these procedures in place, it will be much worse than a two story leap. "


1. Day to day. Can the information be applied outside the work place? Example: “The next time you go and buy a car think about this session. DO NOT ignore the fine print. Memorize section 3 - 2. It can be applied to every major purchase and will prevent you from being taken advantage of. "

2. How it plays a part. Help the student see how this information keeps their company functioning safely and thus keeps their paychecks rolling in on a regular basis. Example: “Without these directives in place, allow me to share with you EXACTLY how your company will enter a period of litigation that will lock the assets like an anaconda squeezing a pig for so long that your grandchildren will never see a nickel of your income. "


1. Stories. Get the email addresses of all attendees. Keep in touch and ask them to share innovative ways they have implemented the information. Example; “Just this week I got an email from a previous seminar attendee. Here is how Sally Freedman put this into action without making it too stuffy. . . "

2. Attitude. There is always an anal-retentive personality that loves procedure and makes it emotionless. So encourage the people to not look at procedure as limiting but freeing. Example: 1) Hold up a chain with a lock on it. 2) Hold up a key. 3) “You can look at these procedures as a chain or a key. You get to choose. Are they chains that prevent you from operating creatively? Or are they keys that free you to serve without the fear of fraud or unwarranted risk?"


1. Emotional. What excites you the most about the presentation? Before each presentation remind yourself of the value that you're sharing. Clearly communicate to YOURSELF all the advantages of this program.

2. Fresh. 1) Keep getting new testimonials about the program. 2) Continually think of ways to illustrate in story, physically, and practically. 3) Look at the presentations as ways to experiment and try out a new teaching technique.

Paul Evans is the creator of the instant speaking success system. You can read more articles by Paul at .


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