How To Test The Body Of Your Sales Copy For Weaknesses


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Your sales copy is the life source of your business. If your sales copy isn't pulling in a decent conservation rate, then your business is suffering.

In this article, we are going to go over an effective way to test the body of your sales copy for weaknesses. If there are any, you will be able to pinpoint exactly where they are. Once you are able to identify the weaknesses in the body of your sales copy, then you will know where to make the necessary improvements and workout the weak areas of your sales copy.

How It Works

The only way to know if the body of your sales copy is weak is to test it. The conventional way of testing your sales copy is to have multiple copies and test them individually, or you can use software like split hit, which will divide your traffic up and send it to multiple sale copies at once.

Eventually you will be able to determine which sales copy pulls more, but you won't know exactly where the weaknesses are in your other sales copies. Especially, if you have a long sales copy. Moreover, conventional ways of testing your sales copy will not identify where the weakness actually is, until now.

A good sales copy will have several links throughout the body of it, to display examples and ordering purposes. Since the links are already in the body of your sales copy, you can take advantage of them by tracking all of the links. Why? By tracking the links you will know what your visitors are clicking on and what they're not. By using this technique you will know precisely where your weak spots are, so all you'll have to do is tweak them.

Applying It To The Body Of Your Sales Copy

Applying this technique to the body of your sales copy is very simple, but first you will need to have a dependable tracking system. If you do not have a dependable tracking system, then I recommend that you use Adtrackz. Once you have a dependable tracking system, then you want to track every link on your sales copy. You want to have your links set up in a numerical order, such as, link 1, link 2, link 3, etc. That way you have your links set up in an organized fashion, making them easier to recognize.

If you don't have this technique set up correctly, it won't do you any good, that's why your links need to be in numerical order. Let me give you an example, let's say that you are receiving clicks on your links in the body of your sales copy up to link 4. Then, all you have to do is tweak your sales copy after link 4, because you already know you had your visitor's attention up to link 4. In this case, you know what your weakness is and that is after link 3, because your visitors haven't been clicking on link 4. So, link 4 is the best place to start making some improvements and test it again.

Let me give you another example, so that you can clearly understand this technique. Going back to the previous example, let's say your visitors where not clicking on link 4, but where clicking on links 5 & 6. In this case, if the number of clicks on link 3 are equal or close to the number of clicks on links 5 & 6, then you will find that the weakness will be after link 6. If you are wondering why your visitors are not clicking through link 4 it is, because the link may not be captivating enough for them.

If you find that your visitors are not clicking on your first few links, than it safe to assume one of two things. One is, your headline, sub-headline, and/or opening statement may be weak. You probably haven't grabbed your visitor's attention or established their interest enough by compel them to read on. The other is, the traffic going to your web site is untargeted, therefore, you should concentrate on generating traffic that is more targeted.

Test And Repeat The Process

Once you are able to identify where the weakness is, then all you have to do is tweak it and test it. Testing is the only way to know if the changes you have made have increased or decreased your visitors clicking patterns. In other words, did your visitors clicking patterns increase by surpassing the previous link number they have been clicking on, or did the click throughs decrease because the traffic didn't click trough beyond the previous link number.

After you are able to determined that the changes you have made have either increased or decreased the clicking patterns of your visitors. You will need to repeat the complete process until you have a strong click through rate through the entire body of your sales copy.

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Rich Hamilton, Jr is the CEO/President of and the Author of Inside Internet Marketing. His book will show you how to ignite your sales by unlocking the absolute truth to internet marketing and how you can aggressively promote your web site without paying a cent for advertising.


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