Why Writing a Sales Copy in Hurry Can Be the Most Creative


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Have there been an instance when you have wanted to say or do something at a given time but did not actually do it and later wondered why didn't you just do it!

At times it is best to do what your mind tells you to, without worrying about the consequences. At times that is how things are meant to be, so you should let yourself flow with the moment. When our mind is itching to do something and we keep delaying the action, then in a way we are inhibiting the creative flow of thought. We delay taking action most of the times because of a little fear and apprehension or maybe a little self criticism or maybe all put together.

In the same way, while writing you should write what comes to your mind, if you think too much about what you are going to write, then the flow gets disturbed and your creative abilities are restricted.

While writing advertising messages, it is good to write at a fast pace and an excited and frenzied state of mind, without inhibition. This translates magnetism, dynamism, life and passion into your copy and has a positive impact on the audience. Most electrifying messages that reflect from advertisements are generally off the cuff type of messages which convey so much and in the right manner.

There are many advantages of writing at a frenzied pace and an excited stage of mind. These are:

     1. When you think too much before writing, in a way you inhibit and censor your thoughts. The correct method of writing, especially creative writing like an ad copy on a particular topic, is to jot down everything that comes to your mind either on paper or on your computer. In this scenario at least you have all the thoughts that came to your mind on a topic in front of you and then you can choose from and develop some idea from the jotted down ideas. This way you will even have the ideas that you may have rejected or not written at all while thinking ‘too much’ about the subject matter. It is important to gather as many ideas as you can and you do not know which one will click.

     2. When you are trying to get ideas in an excited state, then you are forced to think fast and even outside your boundaries. This is so because you are under pressure to come up with ideas, even if you do in an unorthodox manner.

     3. It is good to write these creative ad messages within a given or self imposed time frame, because then you discipline your self to come up with an idea and a message and write within the given time. Unless this self imposed discipline is there, one keeps postponing the writing of the ad copies or other promotional material because there is no deadline or accountability or reporting to a boss. What ever ideas you come up with in the clocked time, you can always rewrite or edit them later if you are not satisfied with them.

This method of creative writing for your ad messages and other promotional material messages could perhaps bring out the writer in you- so why not try it.

This article was written by Craig Dawber of http://smarket-associates.com
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