When "Less" Is More - When It Comes To Writing Your Sales Copy

Craig Garber

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Today we're going to wrap up our discussion about these 5 critical copywriting techniques you must be using in “5 Ways To Give Your Prospects A Much-Needed Break!"

O. K. ?

Let's just go over the 3 items we've already discussed:

1. Writing compelling sub-headlines, strategically placed throughout your sales copy!

You must use at LEAST one per written page.

2. Using compelling bullets to firmly and confidently state or re-state the benefits of your goods or services!

3. Making sure you're alternating bold copy with the “normal" copy in your bullets, to provide your prospects with “eye-relief" and to emphasize the critical parts of your sales copy!

And finally. . .

4. You must be writing in short sentences, made up of basic ideas!

See, you DON'T want to be delivering more than one point at at a time when you're talking to a prospect - because in a sales letter, if they haven't had time to digest your first item. . . and they you hit ‘em up with the second item anyway. . .

They're going to be confused.

And confusion, like “delay". . .

Is The Death Of A Sale!

If you're prospect's confused, they'll bail on you faster than a lawyer bails on his client as soon as he's ran out of money!

You should even use very short sentences when you need to.

Like this!

Make sense?

5. And lastly, use short paragraphs as well.

Just think about it for a second: How annoying is it when someone strings sentence after sentence together when they're talking to you? Without any interruption. And without making any kinds of pauses. Even for breathing. Or to ask you if they're making sense? Doesn’ that just drive you nuts?

That's as irritating as nails grating across a chalk board!

By using short sentences and short paragraphs, you're making it as easy as possible for your reader to digest what you're saying and get on with it.

Listen, the bottom line is. . . if you're writing sales copy and you don't consistently use all these little “tricks". . . you're going to end up writing. . . a lot MORE sales copy. . .in exchange for. . .

A lot. . . less. . . sales!

Now go sell something,

Craig Garber http://www.KingOfCopy.com

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