How To Avoid Putting Your Prospects On The Defensive!

Craig Garber

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The last thing you want to do is put your prospect on the defensive, and if you're not careful about what you're saying in your sales copy, you WILL do this - especially if you aren't aware of what to look out for!

Today we'll take a look at the third paragraph of our mock display ad so you won't make this critical mistake.

You can check out that original ad out, and even print out a copy of it, right here:

The third paragraph says, “You don't have to be a slick salesperson. In fact, you could be brand new to real estate sales. The key qualities that our most suc-cessful team members have in common is an openess to new ways of doing things and a burning desire to escalate their income. "

Good things about this: Telling your prospect you don't need to be a slick salesperson to become successful.

Most people really aren't slick salespeople, but they are foolishly led to believe (regardless of what field you're in) you can't be successful in sales unless you ARE slick - and therefore deceptive as well. This is good, to disarm your prospects potential fears about being successful.

It's bad though, that the writer then starts talking about what “his most successful team members have in common". See, this immediately tells you, this is a self-serving sales pitch to train and recruit staff members to ultimately put dollars into HIS pocket.

If you're a prospect reading this, do you really think you'll care one little bit about what traits HIS staff sales people have in common?

What, so you can get excited about building that new wing onto his house?


Here's how I'd handle this next one:

"It's true! Whether you're a rookie, who's just passed your realtors licensing exam, or even if you've been at it for years and you've got a good “following", imagine how much better your business would be (and therefore, how much better your entire life would be), if. . .instead of having to look for your next “meal ticket", you had a turnkey system that automatically turned you into a prospect-attracting magnet!"

Now there is a LOT of psychology going on here, like why you use certain kinds of words or why you're positioning yourself this way and that, and where and how you use them to achieve maximum selling effectiveness.

Listen, remember what hapened when you were a kid and your socks started getting old - you used to use rubber bands to keep them from falling down?

Well, there are NO rubber bands in the marketing world - if your ad's not holding itself up on it's own, even if you're as clever as MacGyver - you're simply NOT going to be able to use duct tape, an apple core, an old pair of underwear and a magnifying glass, to change your fortunes!

If you check out this tip online, you'll be able to see the italics and emphasis I've placed on certain words for pausing and sounding purposes.

You can see them here:

Now go sell something,

Craig Garber

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