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Ben Settle

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Here's something I think just about anyone reading this article can apply to their sales letters and ads immediately, and see results.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume you know what bullet points are. But what you may not be aware of is that many of the best bullets are “blind". By that I mean, they “tease" the reader along by describing a particular benefit or feature. . . without really giving away “what" it is.

Like these:

* How you can dramatically increase your annual income by actually lowering your rent.

* What to do if you have multiple medical concerns but your doctor only has 10 minutes to visit with you.

* The absolute WORST thing you can say to any doctor on your way out the door, and how to make sure you don't “accidentally" end up saying it.

(And why it can actually be dangerous to your health if you do. )

* The one kind of music that'll calm your new puppy down and help him go to sleep at night. . . no matter how strung-out, hyper or scared he is.

* Two foods which are fine and dandy for humans. . . but are deadly poison to puppies. (Yep, one of them is chocolate. You'll be stunned by what the other one is. )

Okay, you get the point.

Now, one thing you can do to make these kinds of bullet points 100% more effective is to. . . every now and then. . . give away one of the secrets in your bullets. This way you prove, beyond any doubt, you know what you're talking about.

Magalogues do this all the time. Here's an example from a really good magalog I got in the mail to give you an idea of what I mean:

* Heartburn - make this super stomach smoother straight from your flower garden. Works as good as any antacid, page 7

* Rash relief - add a pinch of this old standby to water, and you'll soon be saying, “ahhhhhh!” Page 27

* Ulcers- get relief, fast, with Grandma's Ultimate Ulcer Tonic.

Take one banana, then. . . (continued, page 8)

* Nausea - settle a queasy stomach with a bowl of milk toast. Amazing! Page 5

See what I mean? 3 “blind” bullets (that simply tease you into wanting to know more by not revealing the entire secret) followed by a bullet that gives the entire secret away.

This is a great way to prove you know your stuff.

Because you can reinforce how smart you are without having to come out and say it.

Ben Settle is a direct response copywriter and author of “The Copywriter's Cheat Sheet" - which contains over 300 pages of advanced copywriting secrets and rare swipe file ads not easily found anywhere else. You can get a free copy of his book and read his latest copywriting ideas and tactics at


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