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That is the name of a machine invented by a Canadian inventor. Can you guess what it does? That’s right and it works! It has pulled thousands of those lonely souls into its gut.

You will not find this machine advertised, or sold in stores. He is giving the plans to mankind as soon as the donation level hits a predetermined number. This number has been determined by a complicated formula that is encrypted and stored under a rock in the desert. This is so the Thetans cannot corrupt the magic.

Since reading about the plague of Thetans that have been reported victimizing the human race, Del Germyn has been thinking about a way to help his fellow humans escape this plague. He claims that he was visited by The Pig Head from Namu and given the answer.

He decided to make the removal a mechanical process and leave the mental problems to the psychiatric profession.

His Theet – O – Vac is compact and easy to operate. It can be used the same day you receive it. The results are astounding! He suggests using it to clean your whole house; you will be able to open the container that holds the remains of the Thetans it finds hidden in you carpets and furniture.

Once you are satisfied that it will do the job, you can do your pets if you have any. Thetans seem to be attracted to cats, Do your cat and you will notice that when you are done it will want to run out of your sight. That is because it is free of they dreaded Thetans! Let it go, and if it comes back give it another treatment. Twice will be enough. You may have to repeat in 30 days to get the new ones that arrived after the first treatment.

When the house and animals are all done guess who is next? Hurry, they have been watching! They will try to convince you that the machine is bogus, this is good. They tend to bunch up when they do this. They move to one area of your body and it makes your job fast and simple.

I see the cat acting funny; it looks like I will have to activate the machine!

Beware the Theet O Vac.

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