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You're surfing along, or reading an ezine and click through to a website, and lo and behold there are YOUR WORDS on their webpage!

Not just a paraphrased version of your own words, but YOUR WORDS down to the last letter, punctuation and all! Appearing for all the world to see as if it were THEIR OWN doing.

Now, one might consider this flattering, but frankly it's not. It's theft, plain and simple!

If you've worked hard on your website, then you are aware of the huge amounts of time, thought and consideration that go into creating and maintaining your website.

You've gone to great lengths to choose only the best-of-the-best ways to say what you need to say. You've been picky! It's your “baby, " and you are proud of the time and effort you've put into your work.

Then, suddenly one innocent surfing day, you find that your own words are no longer “unique" to your website - even with the COPYRIGHT notice at the bottom of every page - because someone has literally stolen your text and is claiming it for their own.

Now, come on. . .

We all have the basic right to one fundamental truth - our OWN ideas! Whatever in the world would possess someone to reach out and steal those very same ideas (in this case words) and pretend it was their own?

I've even seen websites that have taken a paragraph here and a paragraph there (from people I know) and, mixing it up at their own site, claim it is theirs. . .

Duh. . .

Is it lack of writing talent? Then hire someone or contact a friend with the skills you lack. Is it laziness? Tough luck, we all have to word hard, so do you.

IS it flattering? I used to think so, now I admit to more than my fair share of anger.

Creativity! Originality! Hard Work! These are the key factors that will set your website apart from the rest.

If I notice, believe me, others do, too.

Stealing. Your reputation is too, too important to risk. Create your own unique position on the web, and the integrity of those actions will speak volumes about YOU!

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