Weird Copywriting Secret Works Like Crazy...Even Though It Makes No Logical Sense Whatsoever

Ben Settle

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If you want your copy to literally sparkle with credibility, and make even your most powerful claims instantly believed and accepted. . . then this article will show you how.

Check this out: Strange as it sounds, one of the single best ways to gain credibility in your copy is to come out and admit the flaws in your product or service.

It sounds almost illogical, doesn't it? And yet it works anyway because your customers already know you're a human being and that nothing you sell is perfect. So why try to hide it? In fact, what you should do is come out and proclaim it.

So your product isn't perfect. ("It only works at room temperature. ")

So it doesn't work for everyone. ("People with no previous experience using video equipment will not understand how to use this widget. ")

So it won't change her life overnight. ("But if you use this cream on your face consistently for at least 30 days you'll see the difference in your complexion. ")

So it costs a lot of money. ("It costs $1,259.97, all due up front. ")

Whatever the problem is. . . so what?

Look, the problem with most advertising is it makes way too big a case for itself that it's the perfect widget or service and works for everyone all the time, and is “all things to all people" - like a mini-version of Wal-Mart on steriods.

This is nuts. Because you, me and everyone else knows it simply ain't so. There has to be something wrong with your product. And if you don't admit it, a lot of people will write off your offer as “too good to be true" and walk away, probably never to return.

But, once you come out and admit the nasty side of what you're selling (instead of hiding it), you'll find your customers, leads and prospects warming up to you. All the sudden that really good stuff you've been saying is much more believable. And if all they have to do in return for all those wonderful benefits you promise in your advertising is put up with one or two lousy flaws, then they can live with that.

And listen to this: Admitting your flaws is powerful, but even more powerful is turning around and then spinning those flaws into red hot reasons to buy.

Take personal ads, for example. Nobody says. "Single fat woman, 476 pounds and gaining, looking for a good man. " No. Instead, it's, "Pleasantly plump woman with sparkling personality and pretty face looking for a good man. " Instead of "98 lb weakling who can barely fill out his underwear looking for a good time", it's, "Slim and trim Brad Pitt look-a-like looking for a good time. "

See what I mean? And you can (and should) do the same with your copy. Trust me, doing this one simple thing will have an enormous impact on your response, and skyrocket your credibility in ways you can only dream about now.

Ben Settle is a direct response copywriter and author of “The Copywriter's Cheat Sheet" - which contains over 300 pages of advanced copywriting secrets and rare swipe file ads not easily found anywhere else. You can get a free copy of his book and read his latest copywriting ideas and tactics at


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