6 Things to Look For When Hiring a Copywriter

Ray Edwards

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Avoid Mistakes When Hiring A Copywriter

You’ve done some research. You’ve found a copywriter who will talk to you on the phone, and you liked what you heard. You asked the tough questions got answers you feel comfortable with.

Now, how do you bring all this together and make that final decision about hiring this copywriter? This checklist should be helpful - here's what to look for:

  1. Experience Level. It’s okay to hire a “newbie” – but be very careful. If you’re working with a “new” copywriter, you should get some kind of price break because you are, in effect, taking a gamble. On the other hand, if you hire a copywriter who has a proven track record, you should expect to pay more – and in most cases, it will be well worth the investment.

  2. Variety of Work. A copywriter who has written for a variety of industries and who has written different kinds of copy (white papers, sales letters, radio commercials, etc. ) will have a richer palette to work from. That means you are more likely to get copy that is original in its approach and may “break through” the advertising clutter and get your copy read (and produce sales).

  3. Marketing Mindset. If you are hiring a copywriter to write a sales letter or other direct response copy – make sure your copywriter has a direct marketing “mindset”. What I mean is: the copywriter must understand and apply the principles of direct marketing. If your prospective copywriter got all “A’s” in English but doesn’t know who Jay Abraham or Robert Collier is, it’s time to find another copywriter.

  4. Professional Follow-up. Are you confident your copywriter will follow-up before, during, and after the copywriting process? A true professional will want to interview you in-depth before writing your copy, or at least have you fill out an extensive questionnaire and supply a copy of your product and other sales materials; will write several drafts before presenting you with the “first draft” (that’s why you should be suspicious of copy that comes back to you in 24-48 hours! How could a copywriter give your project the time and attention in deserves in just 2 days? Answer: they can’t. ); and will follow up after your copy is delivered to make certain it’s working for you as you expected.

  5. Continuing Consulting. So many people pay an enormous sum for copywriting, only to be abandoned by their copywriter the moment their check clears (just ask my client Steve). Ask your copywriter if he or she will stand by you for the next 6 months (or even, as I do, 1 year) helping you make the best use of your copy. (As a reference: my Platinum Clients get one year of consulting with me after their copy is delivered; free membership in my Inner Circle Private Website; monthly tele-conference calls for one year; discounts on future copy projects; free educational materials; and many other benefits that go far beyond a mere “piece of copy”. Ask your copywriter if they provide something similar. )

  6. A Written Agreement. It’s in your best interest to get a written agreement that spells out exactly what you can expect from your copywriter. If no written agreement is offered – find a new copywriter.

What to Do Now

Review this document carefully before you hire any copywriter. Doing your homework now saves you large amounts of grief later on.

Interview any prospective copywriter on the phone before you engage their professional services. I’m often surprised at the number of my own clients who don’t want to talk on the phone before they send me money! Don’t you be like that: talk to your copywriter on the phone. Find out if this is really the person you want to be investing your time and money with.

Consider what you need from a copywriter; do you just need copy, or do you also need marketing savvy and know-how? If you hire a “copy only” writer, you may pay less; but if you need someone to help with the strategy and tactics that will bring in the largest possible profits, find a copywriter who offers more than “just copy”.

Take these steps, and you're much more likely to hire the copywriter who will make you money - instead of the one who will make you sorry.

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